Precious, Teka, Lily and Angel, our girls, and Julius and Lord Riley, our boys, are all very loving, playful, intelligent, athletic and caring parents. When their babies were born, Julius helped with the cleaning of the babies as Precious delivered them.  Teka and Lord Riley do the same as do Lily and Riley. This "parent dynamic" in their relationships is quite amazing. They are all truly a family unit.  They love to romp and play in the yard as well as indoors.  Once Angel is old enough to breed, we are hoping that she and Riley will have the same relationship between them.


To see these parent dogs interact with the puppies from birth and as they grow thge first 8 weeks of their lives, it is astounding how loving, playful and protective all of our parent dogs are with these beautiful and wonderful young puppies.

"Ledbetter's Lady Lillian of the Heart"


We call her "Lily" for short.  Lily was born on June 9, 2016, and has now joined East County American Cocker Spaniels. Lily's personality, temperment and all other aspects of her life are proving to be quite exceptional.  She is a very happy, loving cocker and never fails to make us laugh.  The happiness she has brought to our family is undeniably incredible.  This loving trait is also one she passes on to her off-spring as we have seen in her litters.


We are delighted to tell you that Lily is actually Teka's niece. Lily's father, Gabe, is Teka's brother.  Both Teka and Lily came to us from Springfield, MO., where we flew to bring each home as a puppy.


We are delighted with her addition.  Puppies from "Lord (Riley) and Lady(Lily)" are delights to behold.  


COMING SOON!  Her name is "Ledbetter's Angel".  We are looking forward to raising her so that she may continue on with the bloodlines from our original stud, Julius, as she is from a part of that same bloodline as he is.

"Ledbetter's Lord Riley"


Riley is the son of Precious and Julius.  He is now standing at stud for East County American Cocker Spaniels.  Lord Riley was chosen for his mellow temper, incredible loving nature, quickness to learn, his playfulness and many more attributes. We are very excited to have him in our breeding program.


Originally, his litter name was "King Arthur".  Once we decided to keep this wonderful puppy within our family, we have changed his name to reflect his personality as well as the family name of Ledbetter.  


Riley is a very doting father.  He loves to spend time with his off spring and takes the time to gently play with each and every one of them.  Riley maintains the aura of "Protector" for his sons and daughters so they can grow and thrive before going to their new "forever" homes.



Riley is also standing at stud.  

Stud fee: $1,000.00 live pup guaranteed.

His sire is Jumping Julius Rodia; his is Dam Ledbetter's Precious.  He comes from championship lines.

"Ledbetter's Teka (TEE-Kah)"  RETIRED


She comes from a long line of champions and produces championship, high quality off-spring. Teka is very intelligent, athletic, extremely playful, very loving and willingly learns new things. Teka graduated at the top of her class from her Puppy Obedience Training with flying colors.  As Teka has grown, she has become a wonderful and perfect addition to our family and we are thrilled to have her.  Everynight she snuggles with us for a "tummy rub" before bedtime.  What a darling, charming girl she is!


Her delightful personality makes us smile and laugh.  Looking into her eyes is like looking right into her soul.  


She is an incredible mother to her puppies.  She is gentle and loving and makes sure that each puppy gets all the attention they want from her and is very careful not to sit or lay on them.


"Ledbetter's Precious" RETIRED


Precious is highly intelligent and learns things quickly.  She can distinguish between "Shake", "Salute" and "High Five" and knows which paw to use for each command.  Her gentle nature makes her the perfect mother of beautiful and loving puppies.


 In her "spare" time, Precious loves to play with her toys, especially the balls which she loves to retrieve and have thrown for her again and again.  She never tires of playing even if we do.  The delight she brings to us, she instills in her puppies as well.  


Precious is now officially retired.  Her wonderful temperment and traits are passed down through her son, Ledbetter's Lord Riley.

"Jumping Julius Rodia"  RETIRED

02-24-2009 ~ 05-10-2020  R. I. P.

Julius is a very gentle, mellow dog and loves affection.  He's favorite toys are plush toys that he carries around with him.  Like Precious, he loves to have them thrown for him so he can retrieve them and have them thrown again. 


Julius is now officially retired.  He is now allowing his son, Ledbetter's Lord Riley, to carry on his incredible bloodlines.


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Teka ~

Lady Lillian

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