Hi everyone, my name is CloverI just want to be awesomely pretty 'cuz Mommie Lynn said I'm darling. . . .Gee, I hope that "darling" is a good thing, right?


When I was born, I weighed 6.5 ounces.  Is that a good thing I wonder?



I've been practicin' my side profile so I could wish you a very happy Saint Patrick's Day and look good doin' it don't 'cha know.  How'd I do?  Did it work???  Ohhhh, goodie!


Mommie Lynn weighed all of us today.  I was 6.5 ounces when I was born and am already up to 15 ounces.  If I had eaten a little more maybe I could have squeaked by as a pound.  LOL  Well, maybe next weigh-in.


I don't know if you can see it, but my right eye is open just a slit.  Truth be told, I am the first of all six of us to start opening my eyes.  Yea!  I'm number one!



Gee gaining weight, starting to see, life is starting to get interesting.  So, please come back next weekend to see what I've been up to.  Hugs~

2 an' 1/2 weeks already.  I got me my eyes open, my head is raisin' up an' lookin' around.  Ya know LIFE IS GOOD!  Oops, so sorry, didn't mean to yell Life is Good.  But, it is.


I guess you might have noticed that I don't have a ribbon around my neck today.  Mommie Lynn has a brand new collar she's gonna put on me in a little while.  In fact, all of us are big enough to get puppy collars for the first time.  Mommie Lynn told me that we are her first litter to get collars so young.  But, well, then, we surprised everyone with opening our eyes much earlier than other litters and that goes for moving around and lifting our heads too.  Guess we are all just a "step above" don't 'cha know.  


Okay, so much for being a little smarty mouth.  But, it was fun.  See ya next week.

Here I am all cute and cuddly and waiting for this Easter Bunny who is s'posed to come around.  What's an Easter Bunny?  And what's the big deal anyway?  He's gonna bring candies, but we can't eat 'em.  It's not good for puppies, so why am I being cute for this bunny?????


Well I know my brothers have all ready spilled the beans 'bout Mommie Lynn's surgery...and they also told you her birthday is today.  Well, I'm the one who woke her up early and sung my own version of "Happy Birthday" to her.  LOL



Happy Easter

    to you

From Me and my Gang!

Isn't it really cool how my collar matches the blankie that we did our pit'chers on this week?  Well, I'm just so darned cute that I thought I would show off myself by kinda lookin'



Well, I was just foolin'.  We are all good lookin furbabies.  


Guess what?  Oh, you already heard?  My brother's got a big mouth!  I wanted to be the one to tell you that he, Reilly, and I get to stay together.  I got to meet our forever family not long ago and I know we are gonna have a wunderfil place to live.  I'll just be the cute oine and make sure he's the one that's always gets into trouble.  What?  Isn't that was b rothers are for??????


Well, it's time for me to go eat again.  So I will see you next week.  Toooodles!


WOW!  Can you tell I'm a gurl?  Yeah?  You can?  Guess the umbrella gave it away, huh?  LOL


I like bein' a gurl puppy.  An' I'm already 5 weeks old already.  Not too much longer and me and my silly brother get to go to our forever home in another 3 weeks.  Now all we need is for our "Forever Fam-bly" to call and set the appointment to come get us.  And, maybe if we are lucky, they will come visit us again before it's time to take us home.


Okay, gotta go eat again.  See ya next week.  Love, Clover~

Happy Animal Cracker Day!

I forgot to wish you that 'cuz today is the Animal Cracker holiday.  Bet you didn't already know that did you!  LOL

Clover sit!  No, I mean Clover lay down.  Good Girl!  See how pretty I am when I just lay here looking at you.  I'm a pretty gurl, don't 'cha think?


All of us got hairs-cuts and baths this week.  Now I don't look like a furry, fuzzy pup any more.  I look like the classy Copper Spangle doggie I am.  What?  I spelled it wrong?  Oh!  Cocker Spaniel.  Okay, LOL, I thought I was a Copper Spangle cuz that's what of my brother's told me.  Silly boy!  I'll get him for that one when he's asleep tonight.  HEE HEE HEE


But, for now, I'm hungry again, so it's time for me to go get some more food.  Come see me next week.  Luv, Clover

Hey everybody, it's a day at the ol' homestead.  I got all gussied up just to have a purdy picture for you to remember me by.  I'm seven weeks old and will be leavin' next week for my forever home with my brother.  What?  Oh, yeah, of course!  We will have one more visit with you next week before we leave so be sure to come back to see us.


All my brothers are out riding the range on those smelly horses.  ICK!!!   We girls got to stay near the bunkhouse and are flirtin' with the those good lookin' cowboys who are hanging round.  I spotted me a real cute one but he said he had a purdy lil' filly already.  Wonder if he meant a horse?  Or, a Girl?


Oh well, guess it doesn't matter because I'll be heading for greener pastures next week.  Be sure to come visit one more time.

Like my rose?  My brother gave it to me as a way of letting me know that he is happy we are both going to the same forever home.  Now, he says we are getting on this riverboat and sailing on the river to our forever home.  Er. . .I don't know if I gonna get sea sick, I've never been sailing afore, if you know what I mean.  Mommie Lynn told me I should be fine to sail and not to worry.  She said that she has sailed on this riverboat and never had a problem so I could be okay. . . Sure hope she's right.


All of us saw the doctor a day ago and got checked out.  We got our first puppy shot and she wormed us too.  We've been microchipped, whatever that means, and are now ready to take the next step on life's adventure with our new family.


Thank you so much for coming to visit these 8 weeks.  Time went by so fast.

Take care, Luv, Clover

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