Here I am!  And, for the life of me, I don't know where "Here" is!  LOL  Alright, you gotta cut me some slack becuz I'm only a day old, and I'm trying to be as cute as I look!


I weighed 8 ounces when I was born.



Look at my last week's pit'cher and then look at this one again.  I DO NOT fit in Mommie Lynn's hand any more!  I done growed beyond hand-size.  LOL


I've doubled my weight from 8 ounces to over a pound already.  I'm 1.2 pounds to be exact. . . . well at least that was Mommie Lynn told me so it must be true.


I don't think anyone told you that we went to the Vet and got our tails docked and our dewclaws removed.  It didn't hurt at all and none of us cried either.


Come back and see me next weekend.  Luv U!!!

Huh?  What do you mean "smile"?  This is my smile.  Guess what! Guess what!  My forever Mom and her sister came to see me the other day.  She just held me and petted me and snuggled me the whole time she was here.  I got so cumfer-table that I plum fell asleep on her.



Mommie Lynn told me today that she's comin' back to see me soon.  Guess that means I dun made her fall in luv with me!  Yup! That's what I was tryin' ta do an' it musta worked.  I really like her and can't wait to move in with her.  she thinks I'm quiet and cuddly now, wait til I get a little older and I will be bouncing all over the place.  SURPRISE!   Oh, but don't tell her, I want it to be a surprise when it happens.  Shhhhhhhh  Okay?  Good, thanks for keepin' my secret.


Luv ya and see ya next week.

I do NOT get what this egg is all about!  Flowers?  Eggs?  Candy?  Wait!  What do you mean, hide the eggs?  Why would anyone do that???  Easter?  Really?  People hide eggs on Easter?  Hmmm. . . .what a crazy world.  


Okay, so I know you've hear all about Mommie Lynn having surgery already.  And, today is her birthday and she is still putting us first.  Don't you just luv her for takin' such great care of us?  I think I will give her extra loves today and tonight.

I'm singin'

  Happy Easter

     To You.

And to my

Forever Mom

This pit-sher is  just for you!

Four weeks old and I got me a friend!  Mommie Lynn called it a roadhog, or an edgehog or sumpin' like that,  I'm not really sure.  But, he is kinda cute and he makes funny noises.. . .kinda like my brothers when they are being silly.


We got to play with all the big dawgs today for the first time.  Mommie Lynn promised to let us do it again when she changes our pen so I guess that means we get to start playin' with 'em every morning.  What fun.  I can't wait til mornin' to do it all over again.


I finally got my forever name.  I am gonna be "Gracie McKenna'  Now I have to start rememberin' that and keep practicin' so I don't ferget!  See you next week!

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