Here is my profile picture and I home I'm as cute as a little leprechaun cuz this is the theme of our litter.  I weighed in at birth at 6 ounces.



Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you!


Guess what?!?!?!  I was the first  puppy to meet my forever Mom and she told me my forever name is "Piper".  Isn't that purdy?  I luv it!


I weighed 6 ounces when I was born and now weigh 11.5 ounces.  I may be little but I'm mighty!  Watch out!  Here I come!


Okay, nap time.  I will see you next week.

I've been a practicin' being cute so my pit'cher this week would be purr-fect.  Well, as purr-fect as it can be.  I know I said purr-fect in kitty talk. I learned that from Savanna, Mommie Lynn's kitty.  She sits next to our pen and sometimes purrs or talks to me.  Only problem is I don't understand Siamese Kitty talk.  Wish I could learn though.  Hmmmm, maybe I better just stay with puppy talk.  That, I understand.


Oh, I hear that my silly brothers think they run the place.  Don't believe 'em.  We three gurls just let them believe it.  We are the princesses around here and this is our kingdom, not theirs I tell ya!  HEE HEE HEE


See you next week.  And, to my forever Mom and Dad, I am sending you slurppy kisses.

Wishing you a great weekend!  My forever name is Piper and I been practicin' it a whole lot.  


Did you know today is Mommie Lynn's birthday?  Yup, it is.  I gave her an extra snuggle this mornin' just because.  An, tomorrow is called Easter Sunday.  I'm hearing about Easter baskets, and candy and hunting easter eggs and stuff.  Now, why would I hunt an easter egg when all I gotta do is eat at Moma Lily's lunch counter?

Me & my little 

Friends are

Wishing you a very

Happy Easter!

Who?  Me?  Nope! I didn't do it!  Oh! Hi!  I was practicin' for when I go to my forever home in 4 weeks.  So if I make an oops, I can look innocent to get out of it.  Think it'll work? No?  Well, guess I better keep workin on being cute then.


I've aleady been practicin' my forever name, Piper.  I mean it's short and I should be gettin' the hang of it pretty quick.


Did you hear that we get to play with the big dawgs every morning now?  Yup!  Mommie Lynn said they have to bew gentle with us cuz we've still babies.  Wunder how long we get to be babies?????  Hmmmm, the things I get to ponder.


Luv, Piper.

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