I'm "LUCKY" and I don't have much to say today because I was just born yesterday.  I can brag, tho, cuz I was the first born and weighed 8.5 mounces!




A whole 7 days old already and Mommie Lynn said I weigh a pound.  Pound?  What is that and how come I get to weigh that much????


Hmmmm. . .well maybe it has sumpin' to do with what my Mom Lily is feeding me.  She feeds me every couple of hours don't 'cha know and she keeps all of us warm at night.  Guess life is just gettin better everyday. 


Oh by the way, Happy Saint Patrick's day!  Mommie Lynn says we all got Irish names cuz we're the Leprechaun's Wee Little Puppy-People litter.  Umm, guess that's a good thing?


Hope you come back to see me next weekend and maybe I'll have sumpin' new to tell ya.

Here's lookin' at you kid.  Okay, so I'm not the guy who made that line famous but that's what Mommie Lynn said to me when I opened my eyes several days ago.  At first, she was pretty fuzzy and I couldn't really see her.  But, boy howdy I can sure see now an I'm lookin right at you.


2 1/2 weeks old already and I'm trying to use these four feet of mine.  I get up on the front two then can't quite make the back ones work yet.  So, I fall down.  LOL  I'm gonna keep trying and maybe by Easter I can stand on all four.  


Hope you come see me next week and I'll let you know.  Luv ya~

Three weeks old and we get to celebrate Easter.....whatever that means.  See?  I'm too little still and too young to know what that means.  All these funny looking egg-thingies.  I mean, what the heck is that all about???


I do know one thing, though.  If tomorrow is Easter, then today is Mommie Lynn's birthday.  We are all trying to be really good so she can rest as she had surgery on Thursday and we want her to get well cuz we luv her.





Week 4 already.  In another 4 weeks I get to go home to my forever family.  Hey!  Speaking of "family", my offishal name is going to be FAM-LEE.  At least I think that's what it is.....I been practicin' remembering it so if I have it wrong, guess I gotta start all over practicin!  LOL


How do you like my friend?  He's called a big head dawg.  We don't get to play with him yet, but Mommie Lynn let us use him for our pit-chers today. 


Did I tell ya?  Did I tell ya?  We are eating actual puppy food now.  Mommie Lynn has been giving us canned Royal Puppy food to get us started.  She says eventually we will be on Royal Canin dry puppy food...but that's later.  Well, we love the food so much at she is up to feeding the bunch of us eight, count 'em, eight cans a day!  We started with four and we have doubled that.  HEE HEE HEE


Ooooookay, time to go eat again.  Burp!  Oops, 'scuse me.

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