I'm O'Pati.  I weighed in at 7 ounces..... whatever "ounces" are.  Hey, I was just born yesterday at 10:55AM and haven't learn't nuthin' yet.  I do know that I weighed 7 ounces.





Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone.  I don't know what that means but Mommie Lynn said to be sure and tell you.


Ya know, when I got borned a week ago I weighed 7 ounces.  Today I weigh 12.5 ounces!  Guess that means I'm growin', right?  Yeah, that's what I thought too.


All six of us are growin' so fast, we are picking up our heads and crawlin' all over the place already.  Mommie Lynn says we are acting like we are two weeks old instead of one.  In fact, here's a secret for you ~ some of us are already starting to open our eyes a little bit.  And, that usually happens closer to 3 weeks old.

Geeze, one week old, two weeks old, three weeks old....this is all so confusing.  How can I be acting older than I am I wonder?  Oh, well.  I know I am a week old and that's all I need to know right now. 


Hope to see you next week.

Do you know how special I am?  Do ya, do ya?  Well let me tell you.  My forever Mom and Dad came to visit me a couple of days ago and they snuggled me and luv'd me.  I really enjoyed it.

I could see 'em but they were a little fuzzy.  Maybe next time they visit I can see them least, I hope I can don't 'cha know that would be really "too cool."  Hey forever Daddy, are ya pickin' up on what I'm sayin'?  Tee Hee Hee


Me and my brothers and sisters are all crawling all over our pen where we live with Moma Lily.  In fact, sometimes we crawl all over her too!  HEE HEE HEE  She doesn't mind, tho.  But, she does let us know when she's had enough.  OOPS!


Well, I gotta go now and help my brothers show my sisters who the top dawgs are around here.  See ya next week.  

Okay, okay, okay, what is this all about this weekend?  Sumpin 'bout eggs and candy and flowers and such?  Heck I'm just a little guy whose forever name is gonna be Duke and I have no idea what's goin' on around here.  I know my brother told you about Mommie Lynn.  But, I'm sending her my own birthday wish right now.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMIE LYNN!


There,  I did it!  She is still takin' great care of all of us even though she had surgery on her shoulder.  Gosh, she must love us alot to still do everything for us.  Guess we should all give her a great big kiss next time she comes to pick us up and love on us.

Wishing You

      A Very

   Happy Easter!

Every week sumpin' new goes on around here.  This week we finally got to play with all the big dawgs while Mommie Lynn and Daddie Jim cleaned our pen.  It sure was fun, 'specially playing with "Angel" she's not too sure about us yet.  I tried to chase her and she ran!  Hah! I am about 10% her size she an' she's afraid of me.  Silly scardie Kat...or is it Dawg?  


I'm sorry I look so sleepy in my picture, I was napping when Mommie Lynn came to get me for my picture.  And, you know what else?  Well with eating such great food, when we eat, some of it's gotta go guessed it, we leave Mommie Lynn our "calling cards" to clean up!  Then if we get really playful before she cleans our pen every morning, we kinda make a mess if you know what I mean.  Mommie Lynn told me that because we keep doin' this, we are all gonna get baths.  Now, I don't know what that means yet but I don't think I'm gonna like it.  


Maybe by next week, I'll have more to tell you on the "bath" thing.  See Ya!

Anuther week old, 5 weeks already.  We are eating the dry medium Puppy food from Royal Canin and I really lub it.  I mean "luv" it.  It's so good and I don't even miss Moma Lily's Lunch Kounter.  This solid food is D-Liscious!


Mommie Lynn weighed me a few days ago and I am up to 3.4 pounds.  I been growin so fast and learnin' so much every week and I'm gonna be so smart when I go to my Forever Home.


See you next week....I hope.  Love ya!  O'Pati, a.k.a. "Duke.


"Animal Cracker"             Day!

Hi my Peeps!  Do I look different to you this week?  Yeah?  Well I should!  Yep, it's still me.  The difference is that I got ta' meet Mommie Lynn's Groomer, Courtney.  Gosh she's nice.  She picked me up and snuggled me and just when I started to fall inlove with her, BAM!!! She suckered me into getting groomed!


First she gave me a hair cut, and if that wasn't enough, she gave me a bath!  Then she used a blow dryer on me to dry me off.  Okay, the blow dryer did get me all dry again.  But, I'm a boy!  How come I gotta have baths?  Huh?  Yeah, that's what I want to know.  Why? Why? Why?  Well, guess I shouldn't complain.  When Courtney finished with me after using the blow dryer on me, I turned out to be really handsum?  Don't 'cha think?  Awww, thanks.


In fact, I'm so proud of the way I look now that I just had to sit here and look absolutely "adogable" for my picture this week.  See ya next week!!!!


Boy!  If this picture could move, you'd see me bite this horse's tail when he walks by!  But, this isn't a video so you'll just have to take my word for it.  No, I'm not mean, but he bit my tail first!  So, turn about is fair play, right!  No?  Well, can I just spook 'em a little bit?????  Just because.  Purdy please.


Besides, I own this here ranch and these cowboys and their horses just ain't gonna git away with their silly stunts.  I'll just send 'em on a long and dusty ol' cattle drive from here to Kansas City to sell mah herd!  LOL !!!  Okay, so that was just play dreamin'.  Heck, I wouldn't want to walk that far either.


Hey, I'm 7 weeks old already and you know what that means!  Yup, one more week and I will be a moseying on down the road to my forever home.  So y'all come see me next week to say "So long pardner."

Geeeez, I can't even believe that I'm 8 weeks old already and weigh 6.4 pounds now. 


All of us got our first puppy shot and worming so we are all checked out and healthy.  Mommie Lynn microchipped us already so we are ready to sail on down the river to our forever homes. 


My forever Mom and Dad have come to see me nearly every week since I was born so I know I'm gonna have a really wonderful family and life.  Although, I'm gonna miss Mommie Lynn, she said she would come see me when I get old enough to go to work with my forever family.   See, Mommie Lynn will be able to come see me cuz I am going to live locally near her.  Gosh, how lucky am I?


Okay, the river boat is a tootin' it's horn, the engines are running, so I guess it is time for me to go.  Thanks so much for visiting every week. 


I luv you ~ O'Pati a.k.a. "Duke"

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