My name is "O'Reilly" and I would love to say that it is nice to see you, but I can't cuz my eyes are still closed....I just got born'd yesterday ant 8:20AM.  I'm not old enough to see yet. I was 9 ounces when I was born.




Top o'the Morning to Ya Lads and Lassies!  It's Staint Patrick's Day and I'm celebratin'!  No, Mommie Lynn said ​I couldn't have any green beer or corned beef and cabbabe cuz I'm a canine and not a people.


Mom​my Lily feeds me real good and I can prove it cuz I weigh 1.3 pounds already.  Yup, I'm the big boy of the litter.  LOL


Okay, so far, life has been eat, sleep, potty and then do it all over again.  One of my eyes is startin to open and pretty soon I can add look to that list.  I can't wait until I can see, hear and start walking.  I got lots to do in this life and I am anxious to get started!


Please come see me next weekend and see what I have been up to.  Byeeeee!!!

Wowzers!  I can see.  Okay, so I have a few hairs infront of my eyes.  But, I can still see everything around me now.  It's pretty kewl.


I wanted to show off today and lift my head.  See how much stronger I am getting already?  I'm tellin' ya, this food that Mama Lily is feeding us is pretty awesome.  I can't wait till I get teeth so I can eat realfood and see what that does.  Mommie Lynn tol' me that will happy pretty soon.  


Oh!  Hey, I got to meet my forever Mom and Dad and they are pretty dang spet'chal.  Close to 6 weeks and I get to go home with them.  Well, in fact, all of us will be going to our forever homes about that time.  


Oh!  Mama Lily is here to feed us, time to go to "Lily's Lunch Counter" to eat.  See you next week I hope.

Three weeks old already.  Seems like very week there is something new happening around here.  Now we have something called Easter tomorrow and today is Mommie Lynn's Birthday.  I wanted to give her something special but all I could do was crawl up in her lap and give her a slurppy kiss.  She seemed to like that a whole lot.


I know that she doesn't feel too good right now cuz she had an opera-shun on her arm.  Don't know why all I know is that she can't hold me with both hands right now.  Think I'll give her some extra luv today maybe that will make her feel better.


   Easter Bunny

        To You

Hi friends!  Here I am in all my glory hangin' on to this funny dawg.  4 weeks old and I'm almost as big as he is.


Guess what?  Com-on' guess!  Oh, okay, I guess I'll have to tell you cuz you'll never get it on your own.  My sister, Clover, and I are going to the same forever home!  I'm gonna be Reilly and she's still gonna be Clover.  Isn't that kewl?  Yeah, we thought so too.  Wow!  Just think of all the things we can get into together.  Oops, that's a secret.  Pleeze don't tell our forever family our plans, we want it to be a surprise.


We sure do eat good around here.  Mommie Lynn is feeding us the small cans of Royal Canin puppy food and between the 6 of us, we're eatin' 8 cans a day.  She says she's gonna start adding the dry puppy food so we aren't eatin' so much canned.  And she did!  This morning!  Yummmmm, it sure was good all together, the canned and the dry.  


Okay, talkin' 'bout food, I gotta go take care of 'biz-ness' so I can eat some more.  See you next week~

I really love being out here but I can't figure out what to do with this red thingy next to me.  Daddy Riley says it's a fire hydrant and I have now idea what that means or what it's for.  I guess it's another new thing for me to learn about.


I know that you heard Mommie Lynn weighed all of us a few days ago.  Well, I weighed in at a whopping 4 1/2 pounds.  I'm the biggest of the bunch.  That's because I LUV food.


See you next week. Sending you "adogable" love!

Geeze....another day's celebration.  I forgot that I was 'sposed to wish you


Happy Animal Crackers


I love Courtney!  I love Courtney!  I love Courtney so much that I am declaring this week "National Courtney the Groomer Week".  Yup, that's exactly what I am dooin'.  She groomed me a few days ago and now I look like a miniature Copper Spangle instead of just a hairy lil pup.  


Guess this means I am growin' up.  Right?  Well after all I am 6 weeks old already and gettin' bigger-er everyday.  Why, purdy soon I get to go home with my forever fambly in just a couple of weeks.  Now, won't that be fun.  A whole new adventure for me!  Yippeeee~

Do I look like a horse to you?  No?  Well, then that means you got eye sight!  (Hardy Har Har Har!)


This week was really fun around here.  Mommie Lynn promised all of us if we were really good when we got microchipped that she would take us to the ranch.  Well, guess you done figured it out.  We were ALL good and here I am standing in the field near these horses.  They smell, well, they smell like horses  I guess.  I like the smell of puppies better, but don't tell those horses.  They might be offended!  And, N.O. I am not goona ride one of 'em.  LOL


Boy howdy, I don't know how to tell you this, but we are all 7 weeks old now and will have only one more picture visit with y'all next week before we take off for our forever homes. 


I sure do hope you come see me again next week.

Can you smell it?  Can you?  That's the smell of  the engines from this river boat behind me that's gonna take me and my sister to our forever home.


I cannot believe that these 8 weeks have gone so quickly.  When I was born, I weighed 9 ounces and now I weigh 8 POUNDS!  Mommie Lynn thinks I'm gonna be a big boy cuz she says I have big feet!  Hope that's a good thing.  I do have big feet, they are like salad plates according to Mommie Lynn!  LOL


Well, I'm all packed up and ready to go.  I've had my healthy vet check, I got wormed and got my first puppy shot and it didn't hurt at all.  Mommie Lynn microchipped all of us so were are good to ship out.


Well, guess it's time to say good bye to you.  Just know that I have loved our visits.  Our pictures and stories will still be here until the next litter comes along next year.  So until there's someone new, feel free to come back just to look again.


Love, Reilly

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