I'm "Atlas" and I don't have much to say today because I was just born Sunday. 


Mommie Lynn told all three of us that we got born'd by C-sect-shun.  Hmmm...I've no idea what that means.  But, Hey!  I'm here.


I can brag, tho, cuz I was the first born and weighed 10.5 ounces!




I'm a whole week old already.  Mama Angel takes such good care of me and she lets me eat everytime I'm hungry....which is often!  Yup ~ it's a fact, I've eaten so much I'm up to 1.3 pounds already.  Can you believe it?  Hmmm, hope they don't start calling me "Bubba". HEE HEE HEE


Oh, all three of us have gotten so big already that we got real puppy collars today.  Now, I don't know exactly what that means yet cuz my eyes are still closed an' I can't see what that is.  Come back next week an maybe I will know more.  Okay, nap time so I can wake up and eat sum more....z z z z z z

Woo Hoo!  I'm two weeks old.  My eyes are open and I'm tryin' ta walk.  Okay, I said "tryin'" cuz I keep stumbling.  I have four feet and I can't keep track of all of 'em.  So, when I try to walk, yup! I fall down don't 'cha know.


Mommie Lynn weighed me today and I already weigh 1.9 pounds.  Now, I donn't know what a pound is but it's gotta be better than the 1.3 pounds I weighed last week, right?  Yeah, that' what I thought too.

I'm waving to you with my big paw.  Well?  Are ya gonna wave back to me?  I sure hope so.  


This past week I learned to walk after I opened my eyes.  And, I was the first to open my eyes by the way.  Maybe next week I can learn to fly....what?  Puppies don't fly?  Why?  Cuz' I don't got no wings?  Well I got four feet and that should count for sumpin.  Hmmm. . . .okay, come back next week and I'll see what else I can come up with, okeydokey?


See ya!

Three weeks old tomorrow and I am up to 2.5 pounds! 


All of us are walking all over the place and what fun it is to push my brodders over!  LOL  They are so funny when they try to walk.  Okay, Okay, so am I so guess I shouldn't make fun.  Right?  Yeah, you're right.  Okay!  So we are all funny when we try to walk. giggle~~~


Guess what I did today for the first time.  Momma Angel was eatin' her breakfast and I crawled right out of our pen, tumbled onto the floor (it was only a couple of inches to the floor), and then decided to take myself for a walk.  Mommie Lynn csught me! She swoop'd me up and put me back in the pen again!!!!  Well, maybe next time she won't catch me so fast.  Guess I gotta get speedy.  Better yet, maybe I should just stay in the pen with my brothers and behave myself.

I got a surprise T-Shirt and Mommie Lynn handed me to Daddy Jim.  He loved it.  Matter of fact, so do I! 


So, when we took the pit'chers this week, I got one with my

"I (heart) My Daddy" T-Shirt on.  And, it ain't gonna fit me for very long, probably not even another week. 



What a week!  At the beginning of this past week, all three of us got sneaky and crawled out of our pen where Momma Angel lived with us.  Mommie Lynn came into her room and found us crawling all over the floor!  She put us back in the pen and the next day we did it again.  She called us little escape artists.  HE HE HE


Well we thought that was a great joke.  But, the joke was sorta on us.  Mommie Lynn moved us all into a bigger area near her desk.  And, then she fed us really good puppy food.  Boy!  I never knew life could be so great.  The only difference is that now Momma Angel dosen't feed us any more.  But, that's okay cuz Mommie Lynn makes sure that we get lots to eat.  

Yeah, I'm five weeks old now. . . . So what? 

Uh-oh. . . .Mommie Lynn heard me and said I had to apologize to you.  "I sorry, I didn't mean to be a puppy with an at-, an atti-, I mean a -tude.  No, wait, I mean an attitude.  Yeah that's what I mean."  Gulp.


See, the reason I had me an attitude is that all three of us got baths this morning and I wasn't happy 'bout it.  I'm a boy!  Why do I gotta have a bath????


So, now I'm all dressed up for this Pres-da-dent 

Day?  No I got that wrong?  Oops!  I mean for the Memorial Day weekend.  I want to thank all those Veterans and active Duty people for giving me a safe world to be born'd into.  And that goes for the 4-legged Veterans and soldiers too!


I appreciate you and love you all. 


Oh Boy!  Look at me!  Six weeks old and now I look like a lil' doggie, right?  I checked in today weighing 4.5 pounds.  I gained a whole pound this week ~ although I don't know how much a pound weighs. . . ???  Do you?  Can you tell me?


I feel so grow'd up since I got my first hairs cut.  I know, I know, it's 'sposed to be "haircut" but more than one was cut so it should be "hairs cut" in my mind, ya know.  Hey I'm just trying to fig-ger out what life is all about. And I'm just a lil puppy dawg.

This has been a fun week.  We got to play outside for a little while today and I even got to meet a new friend. He's cute, but not as cute as me and my brothers.


Don't know what his name is.  He just sorta stood there like a stat-U.  So, I bit his ear! He still didn't move so I guess he didn't want to play with me.  But, that's okay cuz I still got my two brothers to play with.  We scrap and sometimes we get carried away(oops).  That's when Mommie Lynn reminds us ta' play "nice".  LOL

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