I'm "Meee Too!.  I weighed in at 11.5 ounces..... (whatever "ounces" are) when I was born. 


Hey, I was just born Sunday at 10:00 AM and haven't learn't nuthin' yet.  I don't really know how I got here.  I was in a nice warm and cozy place snuggled with my brothers.  Then this human took us out an here I am.  He took my two brothers out first and then I said "Me too!"  Guess that's where I got my name.  LOL





Burp!  Oops!  So sorry.  Where are my manners?


Ha!  I gotta laugh at my brothers.  While they are sleepin' I just keep eatin'.  I already weigh  1 and 1/2 pounds already.  Mommie Lynn called me "Moose" this morning.  What's a moose? 


And, here I thought my litter name was "Meee Too".  Geeze, I'm so confused now.  Mama Angel told me not to worry, one day soon I would get my forever name and then I will only have to remember that one.  Oooooo, I hope it's a good one and that I like it.


Yawn. . .guess I'm not as awake as I thought I was.  Nap time for now.  See you next week.  Luv U!

Guess what?  I just got 'dopted by a really great cupl, coupl, awe heck, really great peoples.  Yup, now I know who my forever fam-bly is gonna be and I'm lookin' forward to it.


Mommie Lynn weighed me and I weigh 2.2 pounds now.  Wonder if that's cuz I eat so mycu? Yup, I'm still slurppin' up the groceries from Momma Angel.  And she is an "angel" too cuz she feeds me whenever I'm hungry.  Um, which is most the time.  LOL

Did you notice my eyes are open?  My ears haven't opened yet but that's next I guess.


For now, I can wait because I'm tryin' to figure out what to do with these four feet of mine.  Momma Angel said I have to learn to walk.  Why?  I crawl just fine.  And, besides, it tickles my tummy when I crawl.  Awww shucks, guess I have to grow up and learn to walk like a big dawg one of these days. 


Well, maybe next week I will have figured all this out.  See you then~

Look at me!  I'm lookin' at 'cha.  I'm smilin' too but it's hard to tell cuz this here is my cutest puppy face.


I understand that my Forever Family luvs my pit'chers.  I so glad.  I can't wait to see them again.  I know that my new Mommie called last night to check on my 'cuz Mommie Lynn told me so.


Guess what?  Three weeks old already.  I weighed in at 2.8 pounds today.  My eyes are all the way open.  This week our ears opened and all of us can hear now too.  Gee, life is gettin' good around here.   


Wonder what this next week will bring?

Howdy!  This is the first time we've been outside and what a treat!  Did you know that the bright thingy in the sky, Mommie Lynn called it the 'sun", is really warm and nice to sit in?  Well, it is.


And, yes!  I have my tongue sticking out.  I was tryin' to taste the air but I couldn't taste nuthin!  Mommie Lynn and Daddie Jim thought it was a cute pit-cher of me so here I am with my tongue stickin' out.  Oh well, I'm still purdy darned cute so hope I gave you a little giggle today!

Look at me!  I got a bath this morning and I'm all clean and sure do smell nice.  What a way to be at five weeks old.  I really liked my bath.  It's the first one I ever had so I hope I get to have more just like it.  Mommie Lynn made sure the water was warm and Ooooooh it felt so nice don't 'cha know.


Every week sumpin' new happens.  This week it was a bath.  Gee. . . .wunder what we get this next week?


Mommie Lynn and Daddy Jim say I'm doin' a "Jimmy Durante" pose ~ what, or who, that is,  I never heard of him.  Wunder if we are related? Hmmm


This is the Memorial Day Weekend which is why we are all decked in Red, White an' Blue.  I want to thank all those in the Military, and those that went before, for keeping our Nation safe and giving me such a great world to be born into.  I appreciate and love you all.


Look at meee!  Why, I am almost as big as this guy next to me.  He doesn't move, won't look at me or play with me.  So PFFFFT - I guess I'll ignore him too.  Besides, I got me 2 brothers who like me and like to play.


Six weeks old today.  I get to go to my forever home in just a little over two weeks.  I sorta remember my forever Mom holding me when I was little at 1.2 pounds.  Boy!  Wait til she holds me now!  I'm already 5.7 pounds.  I'm a "Porker!"  OINK OINK OINK, I mean WOOF WOOF, WOOF!

Hmmm . . .what's  this?  Well guess I will never know.  Mommie Lynn said "No" and that means NO! so. . . .it's off limits!  Okay, I'll just go play with my brothers and stay away from this.  Sure would like to know what it is though.


Oh, guess what?  I'm learnin' to be potty trained to a puppy pad.  I do pretty good with it but sometimes, I fer-git and miss.  But I'm tryin', really, I am.  Mommie Lynn praises me when I hit the pad don't 'cha know.


Okay, gotta go play fight with my brothers.  I'm a little bigger than they are but they play and knock me over as much as I do them.  What great brothers I got. 

I sure do luv 'em.

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