My name is "Mr. Maui" and I would love to say that it is nice to see you, but I can't cuz my eyes are still closed....I just got born'd Sunday at 10 AM.  I'm not old enough to see yet. I was 10.5 ounces when I was born.


My Brother, Atlas, told me that we were born'd by Sea-sect-shin.  I have no idea what he is talking about.  I wonder if he does????




Happy Sunday!  Like my new collar?  Mommie Lynn said I looked so handsome.


Speaking of looks, on the Puppies 40.23.23 page, did you notice I was the only one with the white star on my head?  Just like Mama Angel had when she was a puppy.  I know this cuz she tol'd me so when my brothers were sleepin.



I got weighed this mornin' and weigh 1.4 pounds.  I been crawlin' round like nobody's business.  I'm always the first one to get to Mama Angel when she hops into our pen 'ta feed us.  I even sneak a snack when she's sleepin' with us.  Now, don't tell my brothers, I don't want them to get the same idea.  LOL!!!

Two weeks old already....where has the time gone?  This week, I was the last to open my eyes, but that's okay, I don't mind being last.  Don't they say they save the best for last?  YES!  That's me!!!!!  Hee Hee Hee~


I got weighed this morning and I am up to 1.9 pounds.  Guess that's a good thing because I have no idea what that means.  Well?  How am  I s'posed to know that?  I'm only two weeks old and haven't even mastered walking yet. . .but I will!

Mommie Lynn says I am really cute.  She says this pit'cher makes me look like I washed my paws and am holding them out for a cleanliness in-spec-shun.  LOL  Well, 'course they're clean!  Momma Angel bathes us at least 5 or 6 times a day.  YUCK!  I'm a boy, why do I need to get washed so often?  Oh, cuz it's because I AM a boy.  Now I get it. HA HA HA


Gotta go now.  My brothers want to roll around and try to walk.  I love pushin' them over and they don't even realize that I'm do'in it on purpose!  Woooopie!  See you next week ~ ALOHA

Howdy!  Look at me!  I'm walkin!  Okay, so I'm not standin' up all the way but I'm tryin'.  It's easier when my silly brothers aren't trying to push me over when I'm walkin'.  But, in all fairness, I do the same to them.  HA HA HA


I got weighed today, too.  I weigh 2.6 pounds.  I know that my brothers already told you we can all see clearly now and that our ears are open and we can hear just fine. 


Well, there's one thing they didn't tell you.  They at lease left me somethin' extra to say.  Mommie Lynn opened our mouths and put her finger in to check to see if we were getting teeth.  Now, that's a new one.  What the heck do we need teeth for when Momma Angel feeds us?  Uh-oh, once we get teeth, she won't feed us anymore.  H E L P !!!  We gonna starve to death.  Oh! No!  what's a pup to do?  Huh? What?  Oh!  I see, we gonna get real puppy food and Mommie Lynn will see to it for us.  WOW!  This here is a full-service place to live.  Even if it's just the start.  Then in several weeks, we each get to meet our forever families.  I know mine has been keeping tabs on me.  An' I LUV IT!!!

I just finished howling before Daddie Jim took my pit-cher.  But it almost makes me look like I'm smilin' at 'cha.  giggle


Did you notice that all three of us look a little wet this week?  Well, we really aren't wet. We've just been playin' and rollin' around in our food and water bowls and now we all look like this. 


I heard Mommie Lynn say that were were gonna get baths before next week's pit-chers.  I wonder what a bath is?????  Can I eat it I wonder....

I'm pouting!  I did NOT want a bath...I liked the way I smelled.  Mommie Lynn didn't agree and gave me a bath anyway.  She said that I would get lots and lots of baths in my life so I need to get used to them.  Don't care! Don't want 'em.  And, I don't want to let Mommie Lynn know that it actually felt really great to be clean.


So, please don't tell her.  Okay?  Thanks!!!!

This here hat thingy was sorta fun to wear.  I liked wearin' it, but it's cuter with me curled around it don't ya think?  Well I do.


This is a weekend of Celebr-A-shun for the Memorial Day Weekend.  It is to honor those in the Military who made our nation so safe to live in.  See how smart I am to know that at five weeks old?  I'm one smart puppy-dawg.  So, to all of those who have fought for my freedom, I SALUTE YOU!

Ten-shun!  I'm sittin here all o-fishal lookin' so that you could see how downright handsome I am at six weeks old.  


Mommie Lynn weighed us this morning and I weigh 5.2 pounds now.  I got 'broomed for the first time.  Huh?  Oh, Mommie Lynn said I got "groomed" not "broomed".  Well now, I standunder now. I mean corrected. Ya know, the lady who groomed me was so sweet and loving.  Why she even gave me kisses!  I got scared at first with the sound of the clippers but she made sure that I knew they wouldn't hurt me.  Then everything was A-okay.  So, look at me now!  Clean face, yeah!

This here is my new friend.  Don't know what his name is.  Never seen him before.  And, he doesn't smell like me and my brothers.  In fact, he's kinda cold.  Not too friendly but maybe me and my brothers can change his mind.  Oh! Phooooy!  I have more fun things to do than hang with this guy.  Time to go play with my brothers, they are the fun ones.


Mommie Lynn was messin' with me the other day an' told me with moving to Hawaii, I will have to learn to surf.  YIKES!!!  Maybe I should learn to swim first don't 'cha think?  I'll have to talk that one over with my forever fam-bly!

We came back in from playin' and gettin' our pit-chers took and I decided to take a puppy-nap. 


Well lo and behold, what happens?  Yup.  My brother, "Atlas", decides to take a puppy-nap too.  But, he decided to use me for a pillow!  Do you think he asked me first?  Nope, just snuggled in with me.  Well, that's okay cuz' we're great friends and pals an' I can't think of anyone I'd rather curl up with at this point in my puppy life.  Ya know, I do LUV my brothers.

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