I'm COnrad and I'm just gettin' used to having a little more room to myself than I did in my Mommie Lily's tummy.  I weighed 4.5 ounces when I was born.


I'm so glad to meet you even though I can't see you yet.  In a few weeks, my eyes will be open and then I will be able to see you.


Nap time gotta go now ~





I'm a whole week old today from what Mommie Lynn says.  I have to believe her cuz I have no idea how long a "week" is.  When I asked her, she said it was seven days.  Hmmmm. what the heck is a day?  An' how long is it?


Boy, I guess I gotta lot to learn about being a puppy, don't I?  Yeah, that's what I thought too.

Oh well.....


We all got our tails docked and our dew claws removed earlier this week.  It didn't hurt a bit!  Now, when I wiggle my tail, it's a lot shorter and makes my behind wiggle at the same time!  LOL


Okay, enough 'bout me.  I think it's feeding time at Momma Lily's Tummy Cafe.  Come back and see me next week.  Maybe by then I will be a little smarter. 


Tomorrow I will be a whole tow weeks old.  I sorta figured out how long a week is since last week when you visited.  It's from the time my picture got took last time and to today when it got took agin'.


Do you see anything different about me today?  Take a good look.  Yeppers!  I got my eyes opened yesterday.  I had no idea there was so much t'see in this world.  Oh, hey!  I also got my first big dawg collar too.  Both me and Copper got our collars about five days ago and the girls just got theirs today.  How about that?  Boys rule.  We came in first!  Hah!!!!


I understand that once we get our teeth that Momma Lily will quit feeding us.  Oh no!  Whatever will we do for food!  Yikes!  I sure hope that Mommie Lynn will feed us.  Maybe I need to give her a little puppy love to talk her into it. 

Tee-Hee-Hee  Oh, Mommie Lynn, where are you?  I got some love for you~

Week Three!  And, I can hold my head up real good. 


I'm kinda learnin' to use these paws of mine, but just when I think I got it under control, I fall down again.  What a hoot it is to watch my siblings and laugh at them when they fall.  But, I don't like it when they laugh at me.  Hmph!


You will NEVER guess what I did today.....I actually barked for the first time.  Well, it was really like a "YAP!"  I surprised myself and at first couldn't figure out where it came from.  Then I realized I was all by myself so it musta been meeeeee!  I'm so proud of myself for that one cuzz I'm the first to do it.  LOL


I'm lookin' forward to the end of this week don't 'cha know.  My forever family is gonna come visit me.  I sure do hope they like me.  Mommie Lynn told me not to worry, they will.  Well, to make sure I'm gonna be on my best behavior that day.


Okay come back next week and I can tell ya more!  Hugs and slurppy kisses~~

Four weeks old and I got to meet my forever Mom and Dad a couple of days ago.  I know now that my name is Buffy VI (that's 6 in Itallian numbers from what Mommie Lynn told me).


It was nice to be cuddled and loved by Mom and Dad and I didn't even have to do anything extra to get them to love me.....they just did.  Although, I fell asleep on Mom's lap.  See, she put me on my back (which is how I love to seelp, and she started rubbing my belly.  Bamb!  I fell asleep and had puppy dreams about being love for the rest of my life.


I woke up my brother and sisters this morning when Mommie Lynn Went to feed us.  I started barking at them to wake them up.  Momma Lily came running to see what was wrong and I told her I was just wakin' up the family so we could all eat.  Speaking of eating, this Royal Canin we are eating is DE-licious!  In fact, thinking about it, I think it's time for me to go eat again.  See Ya next week ~

Wowie! Zowie!  I got to eat my very first dry puppy food last night.  It was so good 'n crunchie, which is great for these teeth that I have been growin'.  Now I know why I got 'em.


Ya know, I had to become 5 weeks old just to be able to eat real food.  I sure am glad that I'm gettin' growed up so I can be a real puppy now.


Mommie Lynn sure does take great care of all of us.  Did you know that when she cleans our pen that we get to play with the big dogs now?  I wunder if I will get to be that big too?  Mommie Lynn says I will, but gee, I'm gonna have to grow longer legs and everything to catch up to my Momma Lily, Daddy Riley, Auntie Teka, Cousin R.J. (I think that means Riley Junior), and Grandma Precious.  Okay!  Watch me! I can do it!


Oh and yeah, my forever Mom and Dad sent me kisses yesterday.  Aw shucks, that was purdy special don't 'cha know.  See ya next week. ~ Luv U

Howdy Doody all!  I'm so excited today I just can't stand it!  Mommie Lynn says we can play outside for awhile today if we are really good. 


DUH!  Good?  Really Good?  Well, maybe we won't be coming outside after all.   HEE HEE HEE! 


Just kidding.  Yup, we are gonna play outside for a little while today.  And it's 'bout time too!  After all these terrible fires with the smoke and ash, we can finally breathe a little easier which makes it A-OK for us to be outside now.  Well, maybe. . . .here we are, 6 weeks old already and we haven't gotten to play outside until now.


Speaking of all the ash, Mommie Lynn's black truck looks grey.  Don't tell her I said so.  If you gotta tell her, say one of the other pups said so.  That way I can stay in her favor, don't 'cha know.  (giggle)


My official name is "Buffy VI".  Mommie Lynn says the VI is the number 6.  So, does that mean sumpin' special or what?  Hmm, guess I will have to ask my forever Mom & Dad that question.  Okay, way to much for a lil puppy like me to think about at this point.  


Oh, one other thing.  Aren't I just the darling-est pup you ever done saw?  I got my very first hair cut and Mommie Lynn said I was the best behaved in getting groomed of all for of us.  Don't tell the others, cuz' I don't want them jealous or nuthin'.  See ya next week.  Luv and slurppy kisses~

Oh boy, what a week!  Seven weeks have gone by since I was born and each week just gets better 'n better. 


Mommie Lynn gave us another plush toy to play with yesterday.  I love chewing on it.  It's soft but fun to chew on.  Then we've got that black thingy, I think Mommie Lynn said it was a "Boar".  Now, I'm not sure what that is but it's fun to chew on too.  It's kinda hard but gives when I bite it.  And the fun part is that it makes noise too.  In fact, if you look at the pictures at the top of my page you will see it.


One more week and we will all start going to our forever homes.  But, before we go, we gotta go see the bet-er-in-air-E-N for our first puppy shot and worming.  After that, we will be ready to be off for our next adventure with our forever fambilies.  I can't wait cuz my new fambily is really kewl an' I like em.


I hope you come back next week to say good-bye.  For now, I gotta go play with all the big dawgs while Mommie Lynn cleans our pen.  Oh!  Wait!  I forgot to tell you that we got to go outside to play this week.  Boy!  Was that a big change.  At first, all of us were not sure where we were.  But then the big dawgs came out an showed us it was all okay and to bounce around as much as we wanted to!  


See you next week, just one more time!  Luv U!!!!!

I bet you thought I wouldn't come back to say hello and good bye for the last time huh?


Well, here I am, eight weeks old exactly today.  Wow!  These past eight weeks went so fast I can hardly believe it.  

The reason our pictures didn't get done over the weekend was because Mom and Dad went to visit a pumpkin farm to get this really cool background for us.  Plus, they waited until their groiomer, Courtney, could come and make us all look as awesome as possible for our final pictures.


Soooooooo~  All I can say now is thanks for coming to visit with me every week.  It has been a pleasure and fun for me to grow up, well sorta, right before your eyes!

Just to make sure you know I'm leavin' this is me getting ready to blow this pumpkin farm!


Adios amigos!  See ya on the flip side!  And  keep your sunny side up and all those sayings!



Buffy VI (if ya don't know Roman numerals, the VI is the number 6)

Ha Ha Ha

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