I'm COpper.  I weighed in at 4.5 ounces....whatever an "ounces" is.  Hey, I'm just a few hours old and haven't learn't nuthin' yet.


I was boy number 4 to be born.  There were no girls yet so I was wunderin' if I would have any sisters.  





Like my short tail?  Yep, all of us went to see the Bet.  What?  It's Vet and not Bet?  Oh!  Okay, thanks for setting me straight. I was saying,I got my tail docked.  I've no idea how long it was before, but it's short now.  At least I don't gotta worry about my litter mates stepping on it any more.


I've lived to the ripe old age of one week now.  Isn't that excitin?  Well, maybe not for you, but it sure is for me.  That puts me one week closer to going home to my forever family.  They came to see me and I sniffed and sniffed. (Okay, my eyes aren't open yet, so what else could I do?)  They both smelled really good.  I can't wait for my eyes to open pretty soon so I can see them.


Nap time at the "Puppy Pad" ~ Gotta go, see ya next week~~~~~~~

HI every Buddy!  Here I am at two weeks old and I got my eyes open already.  Now, my sight is still a little fuzzy but it is clearing up with everyday that passes.


Mommie Lynn said my forever Mom & Dad are coming to see me today.  I just can't wait cuz now I will be able to see them too! 


Oh!  And I already got my forever name.  It's "Dude".  I gotta start practicin' it so I don't forgit it.  Okay, here it goes.  "Dude" "Dude" "Dude" "Dude"   Geeze, this memorizing stuff is hard for me right now.  Well, I'll keep tryin' so I can make everyone proud of me.


Okay, gotta go get my nape before they come to see me today.  Maybe I can learn my name if I dream about it.  Hmmm. . . . .z-z-z-z-z-z-z DUDE z-z-z-z

I am three weeks old now.  Can you believe it? 


I've been tryin' to sorta walk around.  My front feet work real good but the back ones just aren't cooperatin' yet.  Well, I'm gettin' there and pretty soon, I will be bouncing all over the place . . . . on all for.


My forever family came to see me today.  I got confused though because they keep callin' me different names.  I thought I was "Dude" and I had that pretty well memorized.  I sure hope I get to keep that name after I took all that time to learn it.  Mommie Lynn says not to worry, that will be my real name but I will have all kinds of "pet names" too.  Gosh, this puppy thing is confusin'!


I got to snuggle with both my new Mom and new Dad today.  I sure did like all the atten'shun they gave me.  I took a nap on Mom's lap and she rubbed my back feet for me while I laid on my back.  What a way to go to sleep.  Hmmm. . .if only I can talk her in to doing that every night.  hee hee hee  I wunder~~~~


Time to eat, Momma Lily is callin.  See ya next week!

Another week has gone by and I am now four weeks old already.  I feel so grown up don't 'cha know.


I didn't want to lay on this blue hat and I tried to talk Mommie Lynn out of it, but no go.  So, I did what any respectable boy pup would do. . .I peed on it!  HEE HEE HEE  Mommie Lynn didn't even scold me.  She just laughed.  Well, it was kinda funny.  But, okay my pictures did come out really nice.  You know, I never knew there were blue roses.  I learn something everyday.


Okay, our first week living by Mommie Lynn's fireplace and it's really cool.  We are eating real puppy food.  Well, it's still smashed down pretty soft but as the rest of our teeth come in, Mommie Lynn says we will get to eat it as dry food.  Wunder what that will be like?  Hmmmm

A-ten-shun!  I'm lookin' really official here ya know.  Mommie Lynn and Daddie Jim put up flags for Labor Day and we got to have Patriotic pit-chers this week because of it. 


Just 5 weeks ago, I wouldn't have known anything about the red, white, and blue or nuthin cuz that's when I got born'd.  But, look at me now. . . .I'm sitting up and lookin pretty darned cute.  Don't you think?  Right!  That's what I thought too.  I'm so glad you like the way I'm lookin' these days.


Mommie Lynn lets us run around now with Momma Lily and the rest of the dawgs while she cleans our pen every day.  It's so cool to be feeling all growed up.


Speaking of growin' up, I get to eat real dry puppy food now.  It's so fun to crunch on it.  I just LUV it!  Okay, time to eat some more now.  See ya next week.

"I got the Sun in the mornin' and the Moon at night."  Oops, you caught me singin'!  LOL  Well, quite frankly, I couldn't help myself.  I'm out on the front porch and it's so nice out here this mornin' I just had to sing 'cuz that nasty ol smoke and ash is gone. 


I don't think I'm 'spossed to say anything, but Mommie Lynn's truck needs a bath.  It's covered in that ash stuff.  Hey!  Mommie Lynn!  Can I help wash the truck?  She said, "no, that I don't have thumbs so I can't hold onto a sponge".  What the heck is a sponge?


Six weeks old and in a a few weeks I get to go home to my Forever Mom & Dad.  I sure hope they like the way I look now that I got my first groomin'.  Mommie Lynn called it "groomin" but I call it a "hairs" cut.  Same difference as far as I can see.  Anyhoo ~ I'm a really cute lil' feller now.  Hope I make you smile with this pit'cher of me in the sun an all stretch'd out lookin as handsum as I can.


Okay, enough puppy talk.  It's time to go back in the house and eat again.  I'm a growin' boy after all.  See ya next week.  This is Dude's checkin' out for now.  WOOFIES!

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