Here I am!  And, for the life of me, I don't know where "Here" is!  LOL  Okay, okay, give me a break here and I'm trying to be funny and didn't know what else to say.  Ya know, I only got born a few short hours ago and Mommie Lynn says I weigh 4 ounces....whatever an 'ounces' is, I don't know.


Maybe next time I'll have more to say.




Howdy friends!  I picked this picture for today because Mommie Lynn said I looked darling.  I can't see it so you will have to let me know if you like it.  Yes?  OK. Good, then.


A week old already.  Wunder how many weeks old I will be when I get to go to my new forever home?  I think that Mommie Lynn told all of us that we have to be 8 weeks.  Gee, that sure does sound like a really long time, doesn't it?  Giggle


It's so nice here, Momma Lily feeds us, cleans up after us, and snuggles with us when we sleep.  She sure is a good Momma.  Daddy Riley came in to see us, but Momma Lily chased him out telling him we were too young to play yet. 


What's play?  And what do we do with it?  Guess I'd better hurry and get older so I can figure out what that sounds like fun to me. 


Time to go, come back next week to visit.  I luv visitors don't 'cha know.

For the record....I was the very first pup to open my eyes a few days ago.  I know this for fact 'cuz I looked at my sister and my two brothers and none of them had their eyes open yet. 

I WIN!!!!!  he he he


Tomorrow, I will be two weeks old.  Can you believe it?  I'm already trying to stand up on these four paws of mine, but I just can't 'em to cooperate.  I get two up and when I start to stand on a third paw, POW! I fall back down.  Oh well, at least I can crawl around for now.  But, watch out!  I'm gonna be up on all four paws before you know it.


Come back next week and see what we are up to then.  Slurppy hugs and puppy kisses to you~

Well, now I know how long three weeks is cuz I'm three weeks old already.  An, I'm smart enough to figure that out.  giggle


My forever family came to see me yesterday and I am so excited!  I found out that my new name is going to be "Honey".  I actually found out last week but it was after I visited with you.  So, this is new news to tell you. 


I sure do luv my forever Mom and Dad.  Mom snuggled me and kissed me and loved me like there was no tomorrow.  My Dad kept giving me little scratches and smiling at me.  They sure are purdy to look at now that my eyes are open and I could see them real well.


Maybe by next week I can walk on all four of my paws and show them what a big girl I am becoming.  I want them to be proud of me, you know.


Okay, it's din-din time and I'm hungry.  Gotta go get fed so comeback next week to see what's up.  LUV ya!


Four weeks old and I finally got to meet the person I was named for.  She was so nice to me and if I'm half as cute as she is, I'm gonna be beautiful when I grow up.


I sure do like livin by the fireplace now.  We've got lost of room to romp around and Mommie Lynn Makes sure we get lots n lots of great Royal Canin puppy food to eat.  I've been eating so much that I've probably ruined my gurlie-puppy figure.  LOL


Mommie Lynn let Coco and me lay on one of her Victorian hats for our pictures this week.  I really like these pink flowers.  I kep trying to sniff them and found out they are silk and not real.  Well, so much for finding out what roses smell like.  


See ya next week!

What do you mean I am five weeks old already?  How did that happen?  Did I sleep too much and miss growin' up these past weeks?  How did that happen?  Hmmm. . . .


Oh boy, I know what I wanted to tell you this week!  We are officially eating dry Royal Canin Puppy food now.  The soft food was good but this dry food is so crunchy and good that I don't want the soft stuff anymore.  


I've been getting to play with the big dawgs everyday when Mommie Lynn cleans our pen.  We like to mess it up to see how long it will take Mommie Lynn to clean it and ya know, she never gets mad at us or nuthin'.  However, when we're being naughty (tryin to tear up paper or biting each other) Mommie Lynn uses a water bottle and sprays us.  That's not too fun when we get sprayed and know we've been naughty and stop what we are doing.  No more gettin' sprayed!  Okay, gotta go now and see if I can wake up my litter mates.  LUV Ya!

Week six already.  A couple of more weeks and I get to go to my forever home.  Guess I better start thinkin' about learnin' my name pretty quick.  Honey, Honey, Honey, Honey.....


Oh!  Hey!  Do ya notice anything different 'bout me this week?  Take a good look. Come on, you can do it!  Just look at me and what's different.  Okay, give up?  Do ya? Do ya?  Mommie Lynn gave me my first "hairs" cut yesterday.  She let me look in a mirror and BOY! am I just too Cute!!!!!  Look at my face now.  I'm so much more purdy now.  I know, I know, I didn't use good English.  But, dog-gone it, I'm just too pleased to think 'bout what I'm sayin.  HEE HEE HEE


Mommie Lynn says we will get to go outside this week to play now that all that awful smoke and ash has gone away.  I don't know what smoke and ash are really but Mommie Lynn's truck is covered with the ash stuff.  Guess it's gonna need a bath!  Yikes!  Mommie Lynn said we were all going to get baths too before we leave.  Ummmm, I'm not too sure I wanna bath.  Maybe I can pretend to sleep and she won't want to wake me up.  Yeah, I know, that won't work.  


Well, let me ponder the bath-thingy for now and I'll see you next week.  Hugs!

Seven weeks old and I'm standing here on this Island of Fiji just waitin' to be rescued.  I been lookin' for a ship or something to find me cuz I'm hungry!  HA HA HA  


Fooled you, I'm just in a picture and am still in Antioch where I was born.  Mommie Lynn feeds me every day, so, I'm really not starvin' don't 'cha know.


I was surprised when Mommie Lynn and Daddie Jim decided to transport us all to Fiji for our 7-week picture.  SURPRISE!  Next week will be our final picture before we go to our forever homes.  I'm not sure what they have planned for that one, so guess we will alll haf-ta wait and see.


I am so excited about my forever adventure!  My forever family has been to see me several times and I just can't wait to see where I am gonna be living.  I know I will have a big sister (she is also a copper spangle like me) to play with.  I sure hope she likes me.  Well, of course she will cuz I'm just so darned cute!!!!   



Okay, come see me next week so I can say good-bye to you.  I have to go to my forever adventure after that but always remember the time we had together and how much fun it's been.  Love you~

The time is finally here to say this is the last picture.  Eight weeks ago today, I arrieved in this wonderous world as a little wiggly pup,I couldn't hear, couldn't see and I couldn't walk.  So many wunderful things have happened over these past weeks.


I think that today was the best because I got groomed by Courtney.  Just so you know, I was named after her.  She's a great groomer and I loved her immediately.  She snuggled me and loved me even when I got scared while she was bathing me.  All in all, she made me feel really special.


Speaking of special, you know what else is special?  Yeah, right, I am going to my forever home tomorrow.  I am now stepping out into a new adventure in my life.  One thing I did learn here at Momie Lynn's house is the word "No".  I sure heard it a lot of times and knew whatever I was doin' I had to stop.  LOL


Okay, enough!  It's time to say farewell.  I love you and thanks for visiting me every week.  LUV, LUV, LUV~


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