Hi everyone, my name is Abigail Adams, and I weighed in at 8 ounces when I was born.  Wonder if that's a​ good weight or if I'm chunky?  Do I look chunky to you?  Gee I hope not.  I just want to be awesomely pretty 'cuz Mommie Lynn said I am already spoken for!



Wow!  I'm already a week old.  I feel like I am pretty 'cuz Mommie Lynn cuddles me asnd snuggles me and tells me I am.  Moma Lily cuddles me at night and lets me lay close to her when I sleep so, if I'm not pretty, they still make me feel that way.  Nope!  I KNOW I'm pretty cute 'cuz Mommie Lynn just said so.


We've had some visitors over the past several days to choose who their forever puppy would be.  I didn't get "choosed" but Mommie Lynn tells me I already have a forever Home to go to.  I sure hope I get to meet my new family soon.


Nap time.  Gotta go take a nap so I can grow big and wonderful.  See ya next week.  PS - I'm sending you some slurppy kisses!  LOL


Like my new look?  I got me a real purdy collar with daisies on it. . .at least that's what Mommie Lynn calls 'em.  I don't know what a "daisy" looks like 'cuz I'm only two weeks old but if that's what Mommie Lynn says, then it must be true.


My eyes opened up this week.  And, yes, I was the last one to open my eyes.  Now that I can see everyone, we must all be Gee-orgeous!  I especially like my little white toes!  Cute Huh?  Hee Hee Hee

See?  Aren't I cute with my head laying on one of my little white feet?  And, yes, I said "little".  I'm trying to be dainty 'cuz I'm a gurl, don't 'cha know.  Cute and sweet and maybe a little naughty when I grow up.  No?  Just cute and sweet?  Okay, you must be right on that score.


Oh!  Speaking of sweet, my Moma Lily is really pretty an' loving an' sweet too!.  I know I must take after her.  Daddy Riley is no slouch either.  

I'm glad they are my parents. 


Gotta go now, time to eat again.  See ya next week!

Ya know, it's just not fair to be waked up from a nap to get yer pit'cher took. I was sleepin' so nice and then whap!  Here comes the camera and I'm 'sposed to be darling.


No!  I am not gonna sit up to show you I can use all four of my feet and legs.  Well, guess that was a little grumpy of me.  I'm sorry.  BUT, I'm still not gonna sit up today. HAA HAA HAA


Don't tell my brothers and sister, but I stuck my nose in Moma Lily's food bowl and her food sure did smell good. I gave it a little lick and sure did like the flavor.  But, maybe by next week I will have teeth so that I can actually eat some of it.  I sure do hope so cuz just thinking 'bout it, my tummy is growlin.


Okay, I'm gonna go nap some more and dream about puppy chow.  See you next week.  Slurppy kisses to you!

I got a necklace, I got a necklace.  Well, I know you can't see much of it.  But, look above my ear on the left.  See the little "PINK" thingy?  That's the bell on it.  Mommie Lynn said it has pearls too.  I love being a girl.  


Know what I love more than being a girl?  You got it.  Yep!  Livin' in the kit-chen and eating real puppy food now that I got my teeth.  I just kinda wobble (I don't walk good yet) over to the food dish and eat whenever I want to now.  Moma Lily said that now we all got our teeth, it's time to eat real food.  So, that's what I'm doin'.  Mommie Lynn is feeding us Royal Canin puppy food and I'm lovin' it.


See you net week.  Luv Ya!

Five weeks old.  So, if I count in "paws" that's one more than my four "paws".  Okay!  Think I got that figured out.  Good!  Now I have to get three more of those and I will be old enough to go to my forever home.  I'm not sure where I am going yet cuz me and my brother haven't met our Forever Family yet.  But, Mommie Lynn says not to worry that he and I will have a really great family to love us.


Well, livin' in the kit-chen has been fun.  Everyday when Mommie Lynn changes out our pen (boy! Do we make a mess everyday for her to clean up!  LOL), she lets us play with all five of the big dawgs.  That's our Moma Lily and Daddy Riley, our Grandma Precious and Grandpa Julius, and then our Auntie Teka too!  They sure love to play with us.  We get to play with their toys too.  We chase the balls and each other.  What a hoot I tell you!!!


See ya next week!



H E Y   B A B Y  ---   T R I C K   O R   T R E A T!



I'm a brat!  I'm a brat! I'm a BRAT!  I did NOT want a haircut today,  I liked looking fuzzy and cute.  But Nope!  Mommie Lynn told me I am now six weeks old and need to start looking like a little "Copper Spangle" puppy.  Well dang, I couldn't argue with that now could I.  


So, when she finished and I looked in a mirror, WOW!  I couldn't believe how B - U - T - ful I am.  I'm quite the beauty, don't 'cha know.  At least Mommie Lynn told me I was and I believe her!


I hope that my new forever family is watching us grow up.  I can't wait to meet 'em in the next few weeks.  For now, though, I gotta go and look in the mirror again.  See ya!

Seven weeks old and I feel so grown up already.  Mommie Lynn said we are all photographed with the Red, White and Blue for Vet....Bet-er....., oh!  I know, Bet-er-Rans Day.  She said we are honoring all the Bet-er-Rans today who have fought for our freedom.  Isn't that amazing?  I know I appreciate living in the Land of the Free.


And, speaking of living, I sure hope my future forever family call to make an appointment to come get me and my brother Andrew pretty soon.  I know we haver one more week before we are old enough to go to our forever homes and start our futures.


Guess that means that I will only get one more time to visit with you again, huh?

Have you met my new friend?  His name is "Mr. Turkey" and he said he's here with me this week 'cuz it's Thanksgiving week.  Hmm. . .now, I have no idea what that means, but at least I have a new playmate for now.


Ya know, something is different this week. . . .  Mommie Lynn says we are all going to get our first puppy shot and worming tomorrow.  Then we're gonna get microchipped and we will be ready to go to our forever homes.  Really?  Already?

Is that why I got all dressed up this week 'cuz I'm eight weeks old and get to leave to go to my forever home?  Wow!  It seems like just a few days ago that I got born'd.  And, now here I am all grown up to eight weeks and ready to face the world.


So, I should probably wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  And, being the polite little girl I am, I also want to thank you for visiting me every week for the last eight weeks.  I appreciate your friendship.  


It's time I say "Puppy Love to you and FAREWELL"~

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