Hi!  My name is Andrew Jackson.  I made my entrance into this world at 2:11AM.  


Mommie Lynn weighed me and I was a whole 7 ounces. Now, I'm not sure what ounces are cause I'm just way too little and too young to know much of anything right now. After all, I'm only a few minutes old. The only thing I DO know is that I'm hungry and gotta go to Mommie Lily's snackbar to get my belly full.  See ya next week.



My very first 1 week pit'cher.  I'm so lucky to have a brother and two sisters.  Mommie Lynn says that makes four of us.  But, again, I'm only a week old and I don't know how t count yet.


Mommie Lynn holds me and tells me I'm a Handsome Boy.  I think that's a good thing.  She snuggles me and love me then puts me back down with my litter mates where I can snuggle with Moma Lily who will feed me whenever I get hungry....which is pretty often ~ like, NOW!  Yikes!!!  My tummy is a growlin' so I guess I'd better go eat now.  


Come back and see me next weekend.  Maybe I wil​l have more to tell you and a new picture too!


Week two already!  I got so much to tell you I don't know where to begin.


Okay, first, guess you can see my eyes are already open this week.  I was 10 days old when I opened them and saw my purdy Moma Lily.  Aw, she's so purdy, I could marry her.  LOL  I know, I know, I can't marry my own Maw, but I sure wish I could don't 'cha know.


Let's see, what else?  Oh!  I know, all four of us growed up enough that we now have our first official doggie, or is it puppy(?), collars.

Can ya see me wavin' at 'cha?  I just learnt how to do that today at pit-cher time.  


Now, I know I didn't spell all the words right, but geeze, ya gotta 'member that I'm just 14 days old and am still learnin'.


Please come see me next week and find out what else is new.  Bye ~ woofie, woofie

How do you like my friend?  His name is Scruffy.  I just met him today but I think he's kinda kewl.  He just sits here and watches me get my pit'cher took this mornin'.


Can you believe it, I'm three weeks old already.

WOW!  Time sure does fly.


I have been trying to use these four feet of mine but I keep gettin' confused which one to move when.  I'm up on all four of 'em and then BAM! I fall down again.  LOL  It's fun to watch my litter mates cuz they aren't any better at it than I am don't 'cha know.


Mommie Lynn thinks we will be getting our teeth this week.  I sure hope she knows what she's talkin' 'bout cuz I have no idea that a "teeth" is and what I'm gonna do with em.


I'll let you know what I find out next week.  Come back and "bisit" with me then, okay?  See ya!

Four weeks old this morning and I figured out what "teeth" are and I now know how to use 'em.  See?  I remembered to find this out like I promised last week.


I have these sharp little things in my mouth that are "teeth.  They are really coming in handy with eating now that Mommie Lynn moved us into the kitchen.  See, we started eating some of Moma Lily's food and now I know what the teeth are for.  FOOD!  Simple once I figured it out.  In fact, I can drink water now too.  Yep, got that all figured out too.  Every week I keep learning 'bout new stuff.  


Now that we moved into the kitchen today, we have more room to romp around and Mommie Lynn gave us some toys to play with an everything!  I kind of like this fire hydrant behind me.  I keep getting the urge to "tinkle" on it.  HEE HEE 


Oops, now that I think of it, I do need to go potty.  'scuse me, gotta go now.  Don't forget to come back next week!


Wow!  Can you believe it?  I am five weeks old already.  Gee, time is sure flying around here.  I love livin' ​here but I understand I can go to my new forever home in about three weeks.  That's comin' up really quick!


I'm not too sure about these two fuzzy guys next to me.  I don't think they are part of my litter. . .and they smell different too!  Almost like maybe I could eat them?  Hmmm


Life is sure fun in Mommie Lynn's kitchen.  Everyone who comes over plays with all of us and snuggles us too!.  Why today, Dolly's forever Mom came to see her and she held me and snuggled me too.  I felt so special.


Ya know?  I am still not too sure of these two orange guys.  They both have funny faces and Mommie Lynn tells me that's for Halloween.  Huh?  Now I gotta learn about hol-E-dayz too?  Oh boy, this life is getting confusing already.


Maybe by next week I'll get it all straightened out.  



T R I C K    O R    T R E A T!


Happy Halloween

Six weeks old and I got my first hairs cut this morning.  Wha​t?  It's called a "haircut".  So, why it is called that when I got more than one "hair" cut?  In fact, I got lots 'o' hairs cut on my face, head, neck and all four feet.  Well, it should be "Hairs" cut as far as I'm concerned.  It makes more sense to me anyway.


Never mind the difference in opinion here.  Don't you think I look so handsome and awesome.  Why, I looked in Mommie Lynn's mirror and I almost didn't recognize myself!  I kinda gave Mommie Lynn a little bit of a fuss when she was grooming me.  I mean, after all I AM a boy so I don't gotta be purdy like my sisters.  But then Mommie Lynn 'splained to me that I still have to look handsome.  So, what do you think?  Yeah, handsome win's out over scruffy I guess.  Now, I hear that the next surprise is going to be a bath!  O M G !!!!

Atten-shun!!!!  I am seven weeks old today.  Wow-zers ~ The time has flown so fast I can't believe it.  Why in a little more than a week, I can go to my forever home.  


I can't wait to meet my forever family.  I hope they call soo​n to make an appointment to come get me and my sister, Abigail. 


We have so much fun playing together.  Well, here's an example:  Mommie Lynn was teaching all of us to sing DOG BLESS least I think that's what she called it.  All I could do was sit there and howl 'cuz I couldn't remember the words.  LOL


Well, I only get one more visit with you so be sure to come see me next week. Pleeze.  (giggle)

Er. . .uhm. . .I have no idea what this stupid bird, I think Mommie Lynn called it a "cartoon turkey", is.  I'm laying on it's feet so it can't jump on me.


What the heck is a 'turkey' and why today?  Gee, every week we get something new.  I think it has something to do with us learning more and more every week.


Okay!  I give up already!  First the stupid turkey and now I gotta wear this Pilgrim Hat.  Why, you'd think it was Thanksgiving or something.


Wait!  It IS gonna be Thanksgiving this week.  Well, silly me, I guess I just solved my own mystery about the silly "cartoon turkey" and my Pilgrim Hat.  See how smart I am.


Well, I guess it is time to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Stay safe if you are driving or flying somewhere.  And, this is also farwell my friends for I shall be leaving East County American Cocker Spaniels and going to my forever home.  I love you all.  FAREWELL~

Jim and Lynn Ledbetter, Antioch, CA                                               952-757-4447


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