Hi!  My name is Dolly Madison and I got born'd at 12:02AM on September 23, 2018. 


Mommie Lynn said I weighed 10 ounces.  But, I don't know what any of this means, after all I'm only about 10 minutes old and haven't even begun to figure this out.  






Yawn. . .Oops, sorry, did'nt know I had company.  Hi!  How are ya?  No, I can't see you yet but give me a couple more weeks and I will have my eyes and ears open.  Mommie Lynn also tells me I weill be walking around on all four of my feet too.


Wunder what she means by four?  And, what are feet?  Hummm, sure hope I figure that out before it happens.


I just dog adopted yesterday by mu future forever family.  They took awhile and held all of us.  But, I was the "special" one to win their hearts.  It must have been the way cuddled or sumpin'.  Whatever I did, I'm glad I figured it out and did it right!  LOL


Okay, time to go wake up my brothers and sister now, they've snoozed long enough and I want to get 'em to move around a little with me.  Pleeze come back and see me next week. 

SMACK! (That was a puppy kiss incase you didn't figure that out! Har Har Har)

Week two already.  My eyes opened up just a few days ago.  And, I think my ears are starting to open too.  Mommie Lynn came in and started talking to us and I think I could hear her!  Yep!  I'm sure I heard her.


I got my first official puppy collar a couple of days ago.  I feel so grow'd up now.  Hey!  Look below at my other pit-cher.

I couldn't make up my mind which side was my better photo side so Mommie Lynn did both sides.  


I hope I'm just as purdy both ways.  What do you think?  (uh....lookin' for a compliment here in case you didn't get it!  LOL)


Nap time, see you next week.  Slurppy kisses~~


Mommie Lynn was singing "Well Hello Dolly, Well Hello Dolly, it's so nice to see you back where you belong."  I didn't know that I wasn't where I belonged. . . .was I lost or sumpin?  Hmm    Nope, I think I been here all along.


WOW!  This week has really been something, don't 'cha know.  All of us are walking (well...sort of any way) on our four feet.  I was actually the first to try it and then they all copied me.  But, that's okay, it's working for all of us and we are laughing at each other's antics when we fall down.  Sometimes we purposely push each other over when we're tryin' to walk.  What fun.  No body gets up-set, we just get up and try again.  An' laugh sum more.


Why, we will probably be bouncing around on our feet by the time you come to see us next week so be sure to stop by and check us all out.  Hugs~

Four weeks old and eating real puppy food.  Boy!  Am I grown' up fast or what?!


I luv the flower Mommie Lynn put around my neck for this week's pictures,  I'[m such a "gurl" don't 'cha know.  In fact, I had a visit from my forever Mom today, and she thinks I'm just adogable.  What?  That's the wrong word?  What do you mean?  Of course I'm "adogable".  Huh?  Adorable?  Well either way, I'm dang cute!


I started playing with toys this morning.  Mommie Lynn moved all four of us into her kit'chen this morning.  Now we have a bigger place to play and sleep an everything.


Why don't you come back next week and we call all tell you what else we've been up to?  See ya!


I am so excited!  My Forever Mom came to see me again today.  Boy!  She sure is fun to snuggle with.  I must'a laid in her lap forever today.  Then I started to squirm, don't 'cha know.  She put me down.  An just in time too!  I had to take care of business and I sure didn't want to mess up her clothes!  HA HA HA  Well, anyway, I got to snuggle and luv her sum-more after that too.


Me and my litter mates made a big mess while Mommie Lynn was gone for a couple of days and Daddy Jim was takin' care of us.  But, we sure paid for it today.,  All four of us got bathed.  Boy!  Had I known that was gonna happen, I wouldn't have made a mess!  Oh well, now I'm clean, I smell nice and I guess it was worth it.


Okay, gotta go now and find some mischief to get into.  I sure hope these two little orange guys don't come with me.  They don't smell like us and we might have to try chewing on them to see what they are.  Oops, there goes my stomach growlin'.  'scuze me while I take a bite. 


CHOMP!  Nope!  I don't like the way they taste! Tee Hee



T R I C K   O R   T R E A T !


Like my mask?

I am such a lucky puppy!  My forever Mom has come to see me a few times and is coming again in a few days.  Why, she even gaveme my forever name FIONA.  I luv it.  I have a name, I have a name, I have a name.  Hmmm. . . .now I gotta remember it.  Oh boy, sumpthin' knew to think about.


Did ya see?  Yep, Mommie Lynn gave me my first grooming.  Six weeks old and I didn't realize that I was gonna have to have hair cuts but I guess it's just another thinkg to add to my "learnin' curve".  LOL.  I sure am cute now and I hope my forever Mom will like my new look.  Hey, she already loves me, so, I don't think she'll mind the difference.  Do you?  Yeah, me neither!  


Okay, gotta go and see what mischief I can get into see ya!

"Fiona, Fiona, Fiona, Fi-" Oh, hi!  I'm still practicin' my new Name.  Fiona, Fiona, Fiona.  See, I gotta 'member it so my new Forever Mom will know how smart I is, I mean "am".


Gee, just one more week and I get to go home to my new forever home.  I can't wait to see where I'm gonna live.  I will miss Mommie Lynn, but I know I am gonna have a great life where I'm goin'.  I'm seven weeks old already, dang!


Like all these purdy colors behind me?  We are honoring our Military Veterans.  (Don't tell Abigail, but I know how to say it right.  She's still figuring that out don't 'cha know.)  See, I'm just a little older than her so I am more mature.  Yeah!  Right!  You believe that and I gotta a doggie bisquit I can sell ya! 



Okay, I was just being a little smarty.  And I wanted to say something funny just becuz I could.  Just one more week and then I won't see you any more.  So be sure to come back next week so I can say goodbye to you~

I am ignoring this turkey.  He has a funny look in his eyes and I hope it doesn't mean I'm his next meal.  Oh!  Wait!  He's a "turkey" not a "turkey buzzard". . .I think.  Boy I hope I'm right about that!  LOL


Maybe if I just lay here on his foot and don't look at him, he'll go away.  Hmm, or, maybe Mommie Lynn with catch 'im and serve him for Thanksgiving din-din.  Yeah!  That's it, Thanksgiving dinner.  Watch out turkey!  We're gonna get 'cha.  Yippee~

Aren't I darling?  I'm all dressed up as a Pilgrim gurl for my very last picture.


And, you know what that means, right?  Yeppers, I'm eight weeks old and ready to go to my forever home and be officially known as "Fiona".  See? I'm learning my name real good like.  Sure am glad I kept practicin' that.


Okey dokey, I wish you all a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.  Thanks for coming to see me every week.  I love you all very much.  A Slurppy Kiss and FAREWELL ~

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