Greetings!  My name is Ulysses S Grant and I was only about 3 minutes old when my pitcher' got took.  Hope I look okay 'cause I don't have my eyes open yet and can't tell what I look like.


Mommie Lynn says I weigh 8 ounces.  Huh?  What's an ounce and what am I doing with them?  Hmmm......


I'm sorta hungry right now and don't really have much more to say.  Come back next week and maybe there will be something new I can tell you.  Until then, kiss, kiss~





Guess what!  I got to be the very first one to get 'dopted.  Huh?  What?  Oh, oops, I mean



Sorry, I'm only a week old so don't have all the words right yet.  But, I do know that I luv'd snuggling with my future Forever Mommie.  She sure was cuddly.  He He He


I don't really have too much to tell you yet.  Moma Lily feeds all four of us when ever we are hungry.  I luv it when she curls up with us at night to sleep.  I feel so safe.  When I had a bad puppy dream the other night and woke every buddy up, she calmed me down so we could all go back to sleep.  I really luv Moma Lily.  I sure bet she's purdy.  So, when my eyes open up in the next 14 days, I'll be able to see for myself.


Okay, enough 'bout me today.  Come back to see me next week and maybe I'll have sum more to tell you.  Hugs~


I'm sleepy, but I'll stay awake long enough to let you know what's happened this past week.


First, I opened my eyes.  I was the second pup to do that.  Dolly beat me to it.  Then Andrew and then Abigale.  So, now we can all see each other.  The other three are pretty cute if you ask me.  So, guess that must mean that I'm just as cute!  Ha!  You can't fool me.  I gotta be just as cute as they are.  'Specially, have you seen my Moma and Daddy?  He's really handsome!  And She's a knock-out!  There is no way I can be anything but cute!

Okay, so now I'm being REALLY cute by waiving at 'cha!  Hee Hee Hee


See?  I'm smart too besides being cute?  What? Oops!  Mommie Lynn says I'm being cheeky and two big for my britches....what are britches??  Do I gotta wear 'em or sum-pin?  Gosh, I really hope not, I like wearing my fur.


Maybe by next week I figure that out.  LOL

Happy Birth-week to me, Happy Birth-week to me....oh!  Hi!  I didn't see you there.  I was just singing Happy Birth-week to me because I am now three weeks old. 


I have learned so much these last three weeks, ya know?  First my eyes and ears opened and then this last week, I've learned how to use these four legs and paws of mine.  I'm still kinda clumsy and Mommie Lynn tells me I walk like a little drunken Sailor.  Now, I don't know what all that means but she giggles when she says it, so I guess that means I'm pretty dang cute when I do it.  I luv to make Mommie Lynn laugh so I'll just keep bein' clumsy.  Oops!  There I go again, this time I landed on my belly.  HEE HEE HEE


Gotta go be cute again, see ya next week.  Don't forget to come back to see me~

Four weeks old and I'm jst hangin' around one one toy and next to another.  This here is my 'casual' look.  What do you think?  Yeah, I think it's pretty cute too.


This week, I got to taste real puppy food.  Welol, I know that what Moma Lily fed us was puppy food, but that came from her. . .what I'm talkin' 'bout now is the kind I can eat out of a bowl and chew up and swallow on my own.  Oh!  I also learned to drink water from a bowl.  See, I'm nearly all growed up into a really cute puppy.


Mommie Lynn moved us out of our pen in her bedroom and into an even bigger spot in her kitchen.  I think I'm gonna like kitchen life.  Why, every one comes past us and plays with us, the big dawgs even stop by to say hello now.  


Life is good, let me tell you!  See ya next week~


You will never guess what we did this last week!  Mommie Lynn was gone for a few days so we got into mischief and all four of us had to have baths!  Yuck!  I thought water was only to drink.  I'm only five weeks old, why do I need to bathe?  I'm not too sure about that but Mommie Lynn says I need to get used to it cuz there's more to come. . . .now, I wonder what she means by that?  Maybe by next weekend, I will know what that is about too.


See this guy with the pink-ish fuzzy hair behind me? I sat on him a little while ago and both of us fell over.  Look at him, he's still smiling.  Guess I didn't hurt him or nuthin'!  HEE HEE HEE  Now, I don't know about the guy in front of me, he looks a little confused or sumpin, don't 'cha think?  Yeah, me too.


Mommie Lynn said my Forever Mom e-mailed her and sent me kisses.  Aw, that's so nice ~ I am sending her some slurppy kisses here too!  SMOOCHIES!!!!!


Okay, time to go play some more.  Be sure to come see me next week.



B O W  -  W O W  ~  I   M E A N  "B O O"!


Did I scare you?

Hair cuts, six bits, a dollar!!!  Now, I sure don't know what that even means ~ Mommie Lynn said that when she picked me up to groom me this morning.  LOL


Yikes!  Six weeks old and I got my first grooming.  At first I didn't like the sound of those clipper thingies she used.  But, when they were vibrating against me, it was like a puppy massage and I kinda liked it.  I was all mellow and everything while she clipped my face, head, neck and feet.  Then it was over and I was done!  Boy that was quick, I was lookin' forward to more pampering today.  Mommie Lynn made up for it though 'cuz she held me and cuddled me and called me her little Cuddle Buddy.  Awe shucks, she makes me feel special.

I tried to sing DOG Bless Ameri-... Ameri-... hmmm, oh I know, DOG Bless Ameri-kah, yeah that's it, but my sisters just laughed at me.  They said I howled it off key.  What are they talking 'bout?  I wasn't on a key and I didn't fall off a key either. Come to think about it, what in the world is a "key"???  Will I need a "key" when I grow up?  And, what will I do with it anyway?


Seven weeks old today.  I've got only one more week here with Mommie Lynn and all the big dawgs.  It's gonna seem strange to live somewhere else.  But!  My forever new Mom comes to see me and hold me and luv me and she even brought me a blanket so I will have something familiar when I move in with her.  


Next week will be my last visit with you, so be sure to come back to see me, okay?

If that silly turkey bird tries to bite me, I'm gonna bite him back!  In fact, maybe we can all share him for our Thanksgiving meal.  


Oh! Wait!  That's why he's in my final pictures because this is Thanksgiving week.  Wow ~ and you know what that means. . .yep!  I'm eight weeks old and getting ready to go to my forever home this week.  Gee, time sure did fly fast.  


Looking back at my first picture to this picture, I sure did grow into a handsome little guy....well, not so little compared to the pup I was eight weeks ago, right?

Like my Pilgrim Hat?  Mommie Lynn said the Pilgrims shared the first Thanksgiving with the Indians.  Indians?  Is that another breed of dog or something?  I dunno.  Wonder what they ate at that meal?


I wanted to chew on one of these goodies behind me but Mommie Lynn wouldn't let me.  She said it was all "people food".  Humph!  I could eat people food if I really wanted to.  But, come to think of it, I really do love my Royal Canin puppy food, so maybe I will just stick with that already.  That's what I should eat until I am a year old anyway.


Okay, the time is here for me to thank you for coming to visit with me every week.  I gotta go now so I can live my life with my forever family.  I love you all and GOOD BYE~~~~~~

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