Hi everyone, my name is Blitzen.  I just want to be awesomely pretty 'cuz Mommie Lynn said I'm darling. . . .Gee, I hope that "darling" is a good thing, right?



Hi there!  Good to see you again this week.  I still don't have too much to tell you tho. 


I know my Brother already said we got our dew claws removed and our tails docked.  And I know that he said it didn't hurt at all.  Well, I heard him make a noise when his were done.  

I didn't make a sound and that's 'cuz I'm a gurl.  You see, Mommie Lynn told me that gurls can put up with more than those boys can....silly boys anyway.  HE HE HE


If I keep eating the way I am, I'm gonna be a rolly-polly little girl.  My tummy looks like a ball when I finish eating!  But, that's okay 'cuz I was hungry.


Okay, next week, I'll have more to tell ya.  So, for now, Baby Bark!!!!!

Hi there!  Yep!  I know you're lookin at me 'cuz I'm lookin back at you!  HE HE HE  Okay, so my vision is still a little fuzzy, but that's gonna clear in the next few days and then I'll really be able to see ya.


I know that everybody else was facing the other way in their pit'chers but I decided to be different and face to the right.  I gotta do sumpin' no one else is doing so you'll notice me, right?  Yeah, that's what I thought too.


By the time I see you again, Mommie Lynn said I should be close to walkin' with my feet.  Now, here's another problem.  I'm gonna have to learn to count to 4 so I can keep track of what these feet are doin' don't 'cha know.  Come back next week to see what I've learned new.  Hugs!!!!!

Look at Me!  I'm standin' on all four of my feet!  Look quick before I wobble and fall down.  Too Late - Oops!  I'm okay, I fell over but I'm back up again.  HEE HEE HEE


Boy life is fun.  I get to wear a purdy green collar and it's got this funny little bell-thingy on it that makes noise.  I can't sneak up on my sister and brothers but I can make lots of noise to try to keep 'em awake sometimes!  I was havin' a puppy dream and my brother, Comet, poked me and woke me up just when the dream was gettin good.  Wait til I catch him dreamin' I'll get him.


Hey!  3 whole weeks old now.  Wow!  Things sure change.  Three weeks ago, I couldn't see, I couldn't hear, an' I could barely crawl.  Now I can see and hear and wobble all over the place.  But, at least I'm learnin' to use my four feet.  Now, if they would only cooperate with me and do what I want 'em to~


I hope you come back next week to see what I'm are up to.

ATTEN-SHUN!  "I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."   Mommie Lynn teached' me that song so I could sing it for you today.  I did good, huh!  


See how talented I am?  Yeppers, and I can sit here and be purdy, I'm walking all over the place and everythin'.


Just a couple of days ago, Mommie Lynn moved all of us into the dining room in a much bigger space than we had in her bedroom.  She said now that we got teeth, she was puttin' us on real food.  HOLY COW!  I never knew food could taste so good.  Four weeks old and I'm still learnin' new stuff, like the food and how to walk and stuff.


Life is really kewl, don't 'cha know.  Mommie Lynn says this is my last pit'cher  for this year.  Wunder what that means?  Is there another year comin' that I don't know 'bout yet?  Is that what the "Happy New Year" think is all 'bout?  Well, come back next week to see I guess.  Hugs~

Ha!  I DID get another picture for this year.  It was a squeak but here it is!  Happy New Year to you.  You get to celebrate by seeing me one last time this year.  Well, isn't that just soooooo special!


I'm such a happy pup, sometimes I just can't stand myself.  (giggle)


I think that life just keeps gettin better 'n' better around here.  When Mommie Lynn cleans our pen everyday, we get to get out and play with all the big dawgs.  It's fun when we chase 'em 'cuz they don't know what we're gonna do.  We romp all over Mommie Lynn's dining room and kitchen.  Then she has to come chase us to put us back in our pen.  It's fun to make her run don't 'cha know.  HEE HEE HEE


Well, gotta go now.  I hope you have a very Happy and Safe New Years for 2020.  Luv Ya!

Welcome back!  Glad you came to see me this week because I know I look really just too cute.

I got my first haircut today.  It tickled and I tried to wiggle out of the way.  But finally, I just stood still and giggled when that clipper-thing was buzzing around my "private parts" don't 'cha know.  I didn't want to move and get clipped in the wrong spot!  LOL!!!!


Anyway, I got all prettied up, and, Mommie Lynn gave me this really pretty necklace to wear for this week's picture.  I'm such a girl!  Hmmm. . .I think I like being groomed and lookin' pretty.  Isn't there a song about that?  "I feel pretty.  Oh so pretty.  And I'm witty and pretty and gay."  Well, that's all I know of it.  The best I can do for now.


Oh!  Here comes lunch!  Gotta go ~ See ya next week.  Woof-Woof!

I don't know who this guy is behind me but he sure is cute.  I turned around to say hello and he fell over!.   Got it>  He "fell for me!"  Ha Ha Ha

Well, I thought it was kinda funny.  Hmmm, guess yoi had to be there, huh?  Oh well, never mind.  It doesn't matter.  I like my sense of humor.  


Here I am, seven weeks old already.  Where the heck is the time going anyway?  Seems like every time I go to sleep when it's dark, when I wake up the next mornin' it's another day.  I ask you, how does that happen????


Mommie Lynn said it was time for my new forever fam-bly to call to make an appointment to come get me in a 'nother week or so.  I sure do hope she calls soon.  and, I can't wait to meet her and find out what my forever name is gonna be.


Well, gotta go and see if I can wak up my brothers now.  Have a good weeks and see ya soon.

Eight weeks old!  Eight weeks old!  Here I am and I'm eight weeks old.  La La La La La La La~~

Hah!  You didn't know I could sing did you?  Well, I can.  In fact, I'm so talented, I can do more than sing but that's a surprise I'm gonna save for my new Forever Mom.


We will all be making a trip to the Vet for our healthy vet check and a couple of other things.  Then we all get microchipped by Mommie Lynn then we're all ready to go to our new forever homes.  What an exciting new adventure we will all have pretty soon.


I can't wait to meet my Forever Mom.  Mommie Lynn says she is very nice and I'm gonna have a terrific life.  Oh Boy!  I just can't wait.  Wonder if she's really gonna like me?  Oh heck, what am I saying?  What's not to like?  I'm awesome I tell ya!  he he he


Now, don't think I'm gonna forget all you who have come to visit with me every week.  I love you all to "mieces and pieces"....  Isn't that a cute thing to say?  I learned it from one of my brothers from another litter.  He secretly contacted me so don't go spillin' the beans and tell his Mom and Dad that he called me long distance or nuthin.  Okay?  Yeah good, and thanks.  Gotta go now~

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