Ho Ho Ho!  My name is Dasher and I was only about 10 minutes old when my pitcher' got took.  Hope I look okay 'cause I don't have my eyes open yet and can't tell what I look like.


Mommie Lynn says I weigh 6 ounces.  Huh?  What's an ounce and what am I doing with them?  Hmmm......


I'm sorta hungry right now and don't really have much more to say.  Come back next week and maybe there will be something new I can tell you.  Until then, kiss, kiss~




I think I'm smiling, but I can't see yet so I'm not sure if that's true.  Do I look like I'm smilin to you?  LOL


This last week me and my Brothers and Sisters went to the Bet, or, is it Vet, and got our tails docked and our dew claws removed.  An, it didn't even hurt me a bit.  Now I just have a shorter tail to wag.  Mommie Lynn was laughing at me the other night when I was wagging my tail.  She said that it was "Just too cute!"


Well, I got news for Mommie Lynn, 'cuz I'm just gonna get cuter and cuter-er, and cuter-er-er the older I get.  Come back next week and maybe I'll even be cuter-er-er-er still!  HA HA HA

Woo Hoo!  I can see now.  Yippeeeee!  Yeppers, I can now see you.  Although you're a little fuzzy but that is gonna clear up in a couple of days and then I can really see everything.  


In fact, I'm gonna be able to race this here red truck and I'll win the race.  I tried to talk with these two characters in the truck but they just sat there and didn't even say hi.  Humph!  I'll show them don't 'cha know.


Wow, I can't believe that I am two weeks old already.  I must be having a lot of fun 'cuz time sure is flyin' by.  . . . .wish I could fly. . . .well, maybe not.  It's hard enough learning how to make these legs work!  LOL

Howdy!  I'm back and better than ever.  Three weeks old and I got my first real puppy collar yesterday.  


I'm startin' to try to use all four of my feet but I keep gettin' 'em confused.  I count to four but, I think my feet forget which number each foot is 'cuz I keep fallin over.  I'm not concerned 'cuz my brothers and sisters are doing the same thing.  I was laughing at them until I tried it and I'm doing the same thing as them.  Okey dokey, no more laughing at them when they fall over.  But, ya know, it really is funny to watch but pleeze don't tell them I told ya.


Moma Lily says that we will be moving into Mommie Lynn's kitchen probably within another week.  I asked her why and she told me because we will have teeth by then and Mommie Lynn will take over feeding us.  I wunder what she's gonna feed us and if it's as good as what Moma Lily feeds us now.  Guess you will have to come back next week to find out and maybe I can tell you all 'bout it.  Okay, gotta go now~


I'm four whole weeks old now and get to live in front of Mommie Lynn's fireplace.  It's kinda kewl.  I feel so grow'd up andmy feet are learnin' to do what I want 'em to and everything.


Mommie Lynn said I should be sure and wish you Merry Christmas so I gotta remember to do just that.  But first, I wanted to tell you 'bout this awesome food we've been eatin'.  I never thought anything could have been as good as what Mama Lily was feedin' me, but WOW I resally like the Royal Canin I'm eatin' now.  I know that it is still real mushy for now but Momme Lynn says she will give us dry food once we get used to eatin this and get all our teeth  this week.


Okay, gotta go, here come more food.  Oh!, I nearly forgot, "Meeery Christmas to you!"  Woof~

Happy New Year 2020!  Well, that's what Mommie Lynn said I should tell you but she didn't tell me why.  Aren't we s'posed to be happy all the time?  And, what's with the "New" year?  What happened to the "Old" year and where is it gonna go I wunder?  Geez, just when I was startin' to figure things out and  BAMB!  Something else comes up to get me all mixed up again.


Well, guess that means that I haven't learned everything I'm s'posed to already.  Guess that's a good thing cuz' what else am I gonna do for the rest of my life?  It would get pretty boring if I wasn't gonna learn more "stuff" right?  Yeah, that's what I tought too. 


Hey!  Did ya hear?  My brother has a new forever name and is gonna help a Veteran when he gets a little older.  I think that is so awesome.  Helping out someone who, to me, is an American Hero.  So, with that line of thinking, I would like to thank our all American Veterans, each and every one of you are A-OK in my book.  Love you and see you next week.

I know, I know, I look like a low rider this week.  Well, my front legs growed this week and I guess my back legs will catch up next week.  I was concerned about this but Mommie Lynn said not to worry as my groth spurts were "staging".  Hmmm. . .sure hope my back legs know that!


Wow!  My very first pictures outside this week.  It was kinda strange being outside.  But, you know what?  I think I could get used to being out here and seeing all these new things to discover.....wunder what's under that rock over there?  Okay, I can't stand it, I gotta go see.


See ya next week.  Luv Ya!

I'm so happy!  I got to meet my forever fambly this last week.  I snuggled with 'em and kissed 'em and made 'em fall in love with me.  It was sooooo kewl!   My new Mommie and Daddy couldn't keep their eyes off me once they found out I was gonna be their lil boy.


I also got to find out my new "forever" name, too.  How exciting!  I'm gonna be "SmiLee".  Now, I don't know if I spelled it right, but that's what I heard anyway.  And, just between you and me, I think I wrapped em around my little paws 'cuz I sure do like my new name don't 'cha know.  


I'm seven weeks old now.   After I become eight weeks old, they're gonna be able to take me home.  I think they already made an appoint-mint to come get me.  Wunder what life is gonna be like when I get home?  Wunder if I can taslk 'em into letting me sleep with them?  hee hee hee  Well?  I guy can hope can't he?


Okey dokey, it's time to go now so I can play with my sisters and brothers.  See ya next week.

Oh my Gosh!  It's almost time to go home to my new forever Family!  I'm all packed up and ready to go.  Just gotta take a trip to the Vet for my healthy vet check, get wormed, and my first puppy shot.  Then Mommie Lynn will microchip me and I am good to go.


Thank you so much for visiting with me and my siblings these past eight weeks.  It was really fun visting and telling you all about me, my sisters and brothers.  Now we are growing up and ready to start our lives be and members of our forever families.  I don't know about the others but I sure am looking forward to my next adventure!!!


I love you all for visiting each week.  Don't be sad you won't get to see us every week, be happy that we are all going to wonderful families, all hand picked by Mommie Lynn.  I guess it's time to say "So long Pardners!"

Jim and Lynn Ledbetter, Antioch, CA 94509                                   925-757-4447


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