I'm just gettin' used to having a little more room to myself than in my Mommie Lily's tummy.  


I'm so glad to meet you even though I can't see you yet.  In a few weeks, my eyes will be open and then I will be able to see you.


Nap time gotta go now ~





Now, I'm not sure what this fuzzy stuff is that I'm laying on, but it tickles and makes me giggle. 


What?  You've never heard a puppy giggle?  Well, let me tell you, we can giggle!  It kinda' sounds like a trill, wookie-style.


Mommy Lily sure is good to all of us.  She snuggles us and feeds us and curls up with us at night when we sleep and she keeps us warm.


Mommie Lynn picks us up and holds us every day.  She snuggles us and loves us, and lays us on our backs to rub our tummies.  At first I didn't especially like being on my back.  But, then the tummy rub was so nice, I really like it now.  Too bad I keep fallin' asleep when she does it though.  That's okay, cuz I'm not complanin'.


See ya next week.  Ya all come back now hear???

Look out world, here comes Donner!   Now that I can see, I can play and race this funny lookin' truck. 


Mommie Lynn said when I am in a car or truck that I shouldn't stick my head out the window because I could get hit in the eye by a bug flying by.  Yikes!  I don't want that so I'll try to remember not to do that.


Two weeks old already and mommie Lynn said my weight has more than doubled.  Boy!  If that keeps happenin' I'm gonna be a big boy.  Sure hope these here feet will be able to hold me.  I heard we are gonna start walking on these feet.....wunder how that's gonna work?  Well, come back next week and maybe I can tell ya.  see ya!

I'm sure tryin' to look growed up for you.  See? I got my head up and everything.  I'm starting to try to walk (which is purdy funny), and, I even tried to bark at Mommie Lynn the other day. 

B-u-u-u-u-t, Moma Lily told me not to bark at Mommie Lynn cuz she's the one who takes care of all of us.  Oops!  Guess I'd better learn some manners!   LOL


This week has been really cool.  Out eyes are all clear now and we can see really good.  I must be really cute if I look anything like my brothers and sisters.  I almost had a crush on Prancer until I realized she was my sister.  HE HE HE


Okay, time to eat, see ya next week~~~

I know, I'm just layin' around again this week.  But, gee, I think I make a handsome pit'cher like this don't cha think?  Yeah, right!  I agree.  But, to tell you the truth, I'm walking all over the place now, and I do mean all OVER the place.  We are now in Mommie Lynn's dining room in a great big pen and I'm luvin' it!  


We get this really terr---, terrif---, aw shucks, this really good grub to chomp and it feels really good to use my teeth now that I got 'em.  Mommie Lynn tole' me it isn't "grub" but Royal Canin. . . .whatever that means.  All I know is I sure do like eatin' it.


OOPS!  I nearly fergot ~ Merry Kris-mus!  See you next week.

Really?  A year is over today?  Why?  Now we gotta start a'nuther one tomorrow?  Why?  I was just getting used to being around in this one. 


Life is funny, don't 'cha think?  I do not understand this "New Year 2020" stuff.  2019 was a good year as far as I'm concerned 'cuz that's when me and my brothers and sisters got born'd.  Why do we need a'nuther year already?


We've been learning so many new things lately and now we have to throw a new year into the mix.  Wow!  Life sure does change around here.  On top of all this New Years stuff, I just found out that my brother, Comet, is now gonna have a forever name of Shiloh.  That's pretty kewl.  I hope that I get a great name like that  when my forever family picks me.  Wunder what name I'm gonna get?????  Hmmm~


Well, Happy New Year to you and stay safe if you go out to party tonight.  HUGS~

Woo Hoo!  My first pit'cher outside and my first hairy-cut on the same day.  Can ya stand it?  Now, I really feel all grow'd up this week!


Life just keeps gettin' better every day.  Mommie Lynn gave us some new toys to play with this week.  One of them makes a funny noise.  Another one looks like a funny am-min-nal but I'm not too sure what 'cha call it.  But, it's fun to chew on anyway.  Why sometimes if I bite it just right, it squeaks at me.  LOL


I look like Moma Lily when she was a puppy from Mommie Lynn says.  I guess that's pretty kewl 'cuz I think my Moma Lily is purdy and I love her.  You know, she comes around to check on all us everyday and make sure that we are all doing great.  If I poke my nose through our pen, she even gives me a a luv-lick!  


Oops, here she comes!  Gotta go get my luv-lick.  See ya nest week~

Hey!  I'm seven weeks old already.  Can ya believe it?


Guess what?  I actually got to meet my forever family a few days ago.  My new Mom was snuggling me so I just kept giving her little puppy kisses and I think  I got her snowed already!  HE HE HE  I did the same with my new Dad too.  He said he loves puppy breath.  It sure is a good thing I brushed my teeth before they came over!  LOL


They said the family has another young dog and it's a gurl!  Yummmmm!  I sure do like gurls.  Maybe if I'm cute and playful, she'll like me too!


I know my brother already knows what his name is gonna be.  I heard my new Mom say she had a list of names but she just e-mailed (whatever that is?) Mommie Lynn and told her my forever name is going to be "Riley" after my Dad.  Gee, I feel soooooo special!  Okay, gotta practice now...Riley, Riley, Riley, Riley.  I almost got it,  Riley, Riley, Riley, Riley.  Yup I think I can almost remember it.  Riley, Riley, Riiiii-Leeeeeeeeee!  (giggle)

Holy Cow, Batman!  It's time for me to get ready to go to my forever family already.  I got my bags all packed and am rarin' ta go, don't cha know!


Eight weeks old already.  Boy!  Time sure did fly around here.  Why, I musta been havin' lots and lots of fun and never realized how many days had past already. 


Mommie Lynn is taking all of us to the Vet for Healthy Vet checks, our first puppy shot and worming (yuck!).  Then she's gonna microchip all of us too.  I luv Mommie Lynn, she always snuggles me.  BUT!  I'm planning on making sure that my new Forever Mom and Forever Dad learn the fine art of snuggling too.  (Hee Hee Hee)  Awww, I think they probably both know how, but I just wanted to make it look like I taught 'em.  (snicker)


Well, I'm getting ready to mosey on down the line here.  Keep your sunny side up, my friends.  Thanks for visiting each week.  Gotta gooooooooooooo~


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