Here I am!  And, for the life of me, I don't know where "Here" is!  LOL


Okay, okay, give me a break here and I'm trying to be funny and I'm only a few minutes old so I don't have much to say. 


Maybe next time I'll have more to say.




Boy!  What a week!  We got snuggled and luved and fed and cuddled too.  And that was all from our Mommy Lily.  She sure does take good care of us and I am so glad she is my Mom.


Without my eyes open yet, I crawl around and sometimes get myself lost and can't find my litter mates.  I start crying sayin' "Help Help Yelp Yelp", and Mommie Lynn comes and gets me and puts me back with my Brothers and Sister.  Can't wail til I can see and find my own way, ya know what I mean?  Yeah, right.  Giggle


Okay, next week I'll be back here and have more to tell you.  Come see me then, okay? OKAY!

Good Day, mate.  See, I knew you were there 'cuz I could see you lookin' at me lookin' back at you.  Yup, I can see.  Well, not real clear yet but in a few weeks I will be able to see you just fine.


I'm not sure what this truck behind me is all about.  Mommie Lynn told me it was just decoration and not to worry 'bout having to learn to drive.  Thank goodness, because I still have to figure out what to do with these 4 feet and legs of mine.  She told me not to worry because I will get it figured out real soon.  Hey!  Maybe I will have that done before I see you next week.  Hope you come back to check on my progress then.  See ya!

Good day to ya!  I'm sitting here with these funny lookin' aminals...least I think that's what they are.... 


Guess you may have noticed that I am no longer doing the "YELLOW" color no more.  I told Mommie Lynn that I wanted a pink collar cuz' I'm a gurl an' gurls like pink.  So, she changed my color.  Thanks Mommie Lynn!


Well, I guess by now that my sister and brothers have told you we all have puppy collars now.  Guess that means we are growin' up pretty fast.  Well, three weeks have already passed and pretty quick we will be finding out who our forever families are gonna be.  Mommie Lynn says we have to wait for a few weeks to find out which one of us is gonna become a service dog for a disabled Veteran.  I don't know what that means, but I think it's really special.


Okay, I gotta go an' I'll see ya next week.  And I do mean "see" ya now that my eyes are clear now. 


Luv & Hugs~

One, two, three, for. . . .oh, Hi!  I didn't see you there.  In case you didn't know, I practicin' my walkin'.  Now that we got this big pen in the dining room, I can walk all over the place.  Yes, all of us are still a little wobbly, but boy can we scoot now!


You should see me run, okay, kinda run, more like a bouncy, wobbly trot, to the food bowl when Mommie Lynn feeds us.  Gee, the food is really good and now I don't have to be careful 'bout accidentally biten' Moma Lily as she doesn't feed me anymore.  I'm getting all growed up now, don't 'cha know.  


I heard that it's  'sposed to be Cris-mus or somethin' like that.  I'm not sure what that means but we got some new toys.  Maybe it means we get new stuff.  Gee, Cris-mus should come everyday the way we keep gettin' new things. . .or, is it just cuz we are now 4 weeks old and countin?  Oh well, whatever it is, it was good seein' you this week.  Come see me again next week okay? 


And, Merry Cris-mus to you.

Hi everyone, here I am five weeks old and counting.....I really don't know why I'm counting, but it sounded like a neat thing to say.  hee hee hee


Wow!  What a week living by Mommie Lynn's fireplace.  She turns the fireplace on for us nearly every day.  It gets me all nice and cuddly warm for my nap every day and I luv it, let me tell you.

I got all dressed up to go cel-a-brate this New Year's eve tonight and then found out that we weren't going anywhere but here.  


Oh well, I'll just bug my sister and brothers at midnight and party, party, party!  Okay, so I confess, I'm just a 'party gurl"  HA HA HA


Happy New Year~

Oh, hi!  I didn't see you there.  I was lookin at this plant - think Mommie Lynn called it a cac-tus, or something.  It looked like it would be fun to play with.  But, Mommie Lynn said no, no, no.  Oh well. . .Guess that means I'm just gonna sit here and be cute then.


Six weeks old and I got to come outside today for the first time.  I got a hair cut (which, by the way, I didn't like!),  And then I got to wear this purdy thing around my neck for my picture.  It's pink, my favorite color.  Not sure but I think Mommie Lynn got it with me in mind.  HEE HEE HEE


I sure do like living here.  We get new toys quite often.  I even talked Mommie Lynn into letting us have one of the big dog's balls.  It's a little too big for us, but we like rolling it around and pouncing on it. 


Uh-oh, here comes one of my brothers to try and take the ball.  Play time! 

Luv ya and see you next week.

Hi every one!  I am so excited!  I got to meet

my future family the other day (and the little girl, well, she's not so little, she's bigger than me) well, she held me and loved on me and every thing.  I already love her.


I can't wait to get to go home with her and the rest of her family.  She is in some kind of

comp-. . . compet- . . .well, she's in something, I don't know what it is, but I know she will be awesome, I just know it!  Then when she's done, I get to move in with her and her family.  I can't wait!


Did cha' know that I am a whole seven weeks old already?  Why I can't believe how fast time is flyin'.  Not much longer and my pit'cher's here will be all done and I won't get time to visit with you any more.  


So, for now, come back next week and we can visit again.  Love ya!


Here I go, ready or not!  I'm all packed up and ready to move to my new forever home.  Mommie Lynn has a brand new pink collar for me to wear to my new home and I just can't wait for her to put it on me cuz I will know that I['m ready to go.


I love it here, I do.  But, it's time for me to get all growed up and on with my life.  I'm probably gonna miss my sister and brothers.  BUT, I have a hunch that I will get so much love and attention I won't have time to be lonely.....least I hope that's what happens.  I can't wait to hear all about the contest my new Forever Family's daughter was in.  I sure hope she tells me all about her adventure.  Then, maybe she and I can have new adventures together.


Okey dokey, time for me to go get a bath and be ready to move on ~ Now, don't be sad that I won't be here any more.  Just come back and read what we've all done for these past 8 weeks just like it was all brand new.  Okay?  Okay. 

Hugs and love to you.  Sweet slurppy puppy kisses~~~~~~

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