JANUARY 27, 2017

This is Opie (aka Valentino)

JULY 2, 2016

This is Rusty ( Bourbon)

This is Peanut (Kahlua) and Cashew (Bacardi)

JANUARY 21, 2016

This is "Joey" (her litter name was "Clara")

This is "Mai" (litter name "Fannie")

This is Bari, now known as  Zoey


This little boy is Aubrey, his new name is Bailey

This is Arabella, her new name is Lua

Gideon is still Gideon  (he's the one running on the K-9 ticket for President!)


DECEMBER 10, 2015

This little man is "Max" his litter name was Gold.


Introducing Diamond, sge us now known as Bailey

JUNE 23, 2014

This is Lady Anne, now known as "Darla"

This is King Arthur, now called "Riley".


This is Lady Guenevere, now called "Guennie". 

This is Merlyn.  He is now called "Charley".

This is Sir Lancelot who is still Sir Lancelot.


This is the puppy we called Sir Lionel, he is now "Joey".


This is the puppy we called "Aphrodite".   She is now named Precious' Addie Sue.

This is the puppy we called "Apollo".  He is now named Teddy. 

This is the puppy we called "Vesta".  She is now named Daisy.

Teddy and Daisy live and play together.


These are the puppies we called "Ares" and "Athena", they are now Hansel and Gretel.  Hansel is more golden in color and Gretel is a lighter color.


This is Venus 

This is Zeus.


This is the puppy we called "Magic".  He is now called Magic Maximillian.

This is "Miracle", now named Sophie.

This is "Dazzel", now called Ginger.

These are the brothers "Marvel" and "Wonder", now named TJ and Wonder.

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