August 9, 2020 Litter

October 17, 2020


We met Lynn Confetti-Ledbetter and her husband Jim Ledbetter and heard about their business on line.  We have had five American Cocker Spaniels for many years over time.  There have been different breeders from different States.  In all those years, we have never met any breeder who meets the standards of Lynn and Jim.


You could not ask for more professional, loving, warm hearted breeders of Purebred American Cocker Spaniels.  Their dogs are loved and live in Lynn and Jim's lovely home like family.  The genetic background of their dogs produces beautiful, healthy, purebred dogs.  


Lynn provided us with weekly reports on our puppy once the litter had arrived.  She sent us a report when Lily (the Mother dog) went into labor and kept us informed every step along the way.  She sent weekly photos of our puppy which we so appreciated receiving.  She spared no attention to detail.  When we picked up our puppy, she sent us home with a complete health record which we can take to our vet when we make his next appointment.


We have now had our puppy a few days.  He is already trained to go on his pee pad in our kitchen and outdoors.  He goes to the pad with no prompting and does his "business".  He is calm, quiet, sleeps almost all night at this young age and is VERY smart!  The first night home, he wimpered for a few minutes after we put him to bed in his play pen.  We told him "no" and he stopped immediately and went to sleep.  He then slept for almost eight hours.  So far, he has not even wet his bed, which you would expect from such a young puppy.  Lynn's tender loving care shows in every aspect of our puppy.


The fact that he comes from love could not be more evident.  We highly recommend choosing Lynn and Jim Ledbetter for your next puppy!  The puppies are not just thoroughbreds, Lynn and Jim are too!


Tracy & Ken

November 25, 2019

How could I not love this wonderful dog? 


Shiloh was raised with love, gentleness and a plethora of attention with someone like me in mind.  Never, after being medically discharged from the military, did I ever expect to receive such an incredibly wonderful Service Dog.


Jim and Lynn raised this dog for the first six months of his life and then sent him on for training to become a service dog for a disabled Veteran.  I was fortunate enough to be that special Veteran who was presented with this well trained, affectionate, beautiful and intelligent Cocker Spaniel.


The credit goes to Jim and Lynn for the incredible start in life that Shiloh has had.  And, to give him a name that comes from a well-know battle in history, shows just how much care and thought Jim and Lynn gave this four-legged guy who is now my "American Hero".


My heartfelt love and thanks for all you have done~


September 28, 2018 Litter


January 7, 2019


Dear Lynn,


We love Quincy, the new addition to our family, from your Patriotic "Made in America" litter.  It took us forever to find the perfect name for him as we wanted to uphold the theme you had established for Lily and Riley's beautiful litter.  Through the years, we have enjoyed following the different themes you've created for your puppies and we couldn't not keep with the fun you've had with them.  Therefore, the name "Quincy" is a constant reminder to us of his wonderful breeder and early start in life.


Thank you for never giving up on us and allowing us to be part of the process of getting our puppy, even though it took us years!  You gave our family the time we needed to be in a place where we could accept a new puppy into our home.  It was worth the wait!  Your patience in working with us will be treasured forever.  It is obvious you want your puppies placed in the best possible environment and the patience you showed with us demonstrated that.  We feel like we not only have a wonderful puppy, but a new friend in you as well. 


My son was so impressed with you and Jim when we finally picked up Quincy to bring him home.  I'd been telling him about the love and care you give your puppies, but it wasn't until he saw it for himself that it really sunk in.


We have enjoyed sharing the photo album of his early days you made for us with everyone.  It is so shocking to see how much he has grown already.  The toys you sent home with him are still being used and we are quite surprised he hasn't destroyed any of the YET!


Quincy is currently taking Puppy Class 1 and is learing to sit, touch, down, settle, look and stand.  He is so adorable that everyone has a hard time focusing on his training as everyone just wants to hug and play with him.  He loves living in the mountains and exploring our property.  He has already accidentally discovered the pool and it was a good thing Mom was there to bail him out.  He definitely is a water dog as he plays in it whenever possible.  We can't wait for it to warm up so we can introduce him to the pool properly.  Yes, he even loves mud. . .going to have to break that habit!  Oh, he doesn't like raccoons.  His first experience with them was when we finally discovered he has a voice that is very effective.  Besides water, he is infatuated with leaves and pinecones and loves sharing them with us.


Again, thank you for being a very special friend and breeder.  Your assiduous efforts in raising, loving, caring and healthy puppies is very obvious.


We love Quincy and you, too!

Kris, Russ, and Michael


January 28, 2017 Litter

May 3, 2017


Dear Lynn,

We are so happy with the new addition to our family! Having the
opportunity to add such a healthy and energetic Cocker Spaniel to our home
as brought new life to our older Cocker Spaniel and Chihuahua.

Opie (Valentino) has adapted well to the new surroundings and his
brothers. He has acclimated to the back yard and even spends time laying
on the top step of the pool!

From our first phone call you addressed all our concerns about bringing
into our home an AKC registered puppy. We knew we had made the right
decision when we met you (and the pack) for the first time. Having the
opportunity to meet Opie’s grandparents and parents emphasized that you
care more for the breed and the Cockers than you do for the benefits of
breeding for profit, which you clearly don’t! The health and
personalities of the different generations clearly reflect the investment
of love, enthusiasm, and caring you have made.

The two vet visits for Opie’s follow up shots have given him an ego, as
everyone present just gushes over how handsome he is, (I think it is his
bushy eyebrows); he always runs to the car for another ride to meet new

If we are presented with another opportunity to add to our family, we will
reach out to you with the hope you have a litter available.

Thank you again for caring so much for your Cockers so that we are able to
enjoy your commitment through Opie.

All our best!

Ambrose & Maryellen 

July 2, 2016 Litter

Dear Lynn,


How do I thank you for such a wonderful gift like R.J., Riley's first born son.  He's over a year old already and I can't tell you how much I love this dog.  There is no other breeder I know who is as approachable and kind as you.  Being able to hold R.J. the day after he was born and to be able to visit him almost whenever I wanted to before I could bring him home was incredible and beyond my wildest dreams.


You have the most beautiful Cocker Spaniels I have ever seen and I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone seeking the love of one of these wonderful animals.  I cannot tell you how thankful and how blessed I was the day you came into my life when I found your website.  A million thanks!

Love Luajana

Hi Lynn, thanks for the vote of confidence, but just so folks will know more about you and Jim, here goes. After losing our last Cocker to problems caused by genetics, I studied up so we could avoid genetic problems again and then spent a year searching breeders before I found Lynn & Jim, AKA East County American Cocker Spaniels.


They can trace their dogs back several generations and their attention to detail is amazing. They breed their dogs to have an even, mellow temperment and our little Rusty is a perfect example, he loves everybody, even other dogs. The lengths they go to, shows they are really in it for the love of producing wonderful family members for folks worthy of having them. They are particular about who gets one of their pups, they will not sell one just for the money. The pups are hand raised indoors, with lots of love and attention, and they never see a cage in the back yard. They are raised from birth to be part of someone's family, Lynn even has them swimming as part of their socialization, after all a Cocker is a water dog.


Here is an example, when the pups are born Lynn puts a different colored ribbon on each one so she can tell them apart and it becomes the color theme of each pup until their forever parents pick them up. Every week Lynn posts a picture and a comical update from the pup's persective and each one is different and each one has the fonts in that pup's color. A lot of extra work, but it brings breeder, puppy and new owner together so that when you get one of their dogs you get new family too. The pups come micro-chipped and DNA recorded through the parent dogs. Our little guy isn't bothered by leaf blowers, vacuums, hair dryers, hair clippers because Lynn exposed him to these things as he grew. Our Rusty is a perfect example of the dogs they produce, he is Happy, Healthy and a perfect addtion to our family, plus we think he is pretty damn handsome! We have decided we will keep him LOL!

Barry  & Karen


I can't say enough about Lynn and her wonderful Cocker Spaniels!  From my very first phone call to Lynn, where she immediately and without hesitation openly welcomed me into her home and her life, I was taken with both her glowing personality and her adorably beautiful Cocker Spaniels.  Lynn is an amazingly generous person who takes such admirable care of her Cocker Spaniels that it's a complete joy to be around her, her four-legged children and their offspring.  Lynn's Cocker Spaniels have such mellow and even keeled temperments - it's easy to see the love that she shows each and every one of them, and they, in turn, reflect this adoration and contentment back to the world.  


Peanut (Kahlua) and Cashew (Bacardi) came home last week and I am so incredibly grateful to have been able to regularly visit these two new additions to my family during their time with Lynn so that I could see their various stages of development and bond with them over the eight weeks before they came home.  It was an added bonus to be able to play and interact with not only their parents, but also their grandparents too!!  That is a rare treat indeed!  I was at Lynn's house so much you would have thought I lived there!  When I wasn't at her house, I was pouring over the website where she posts weekly pictures of each puppy in the litter with such imaginative descriptiions that I actually chucked out loud at them.


I have raeceived so may compliments on Peanut and Cashew already - how cute they are, how well behaved they are, how smart they are - how great their dispositions are - the list goes on.  I just smile proudly as if I had anything to do with it! Well, in a way I did - I found the best breeder ever!


This has been a fantastic experience and I'm immensely pleased to be included in Lynn's Cocker Spaniel Family.


A million and one thank yous!!!



Oh gosh, where to start?!  Saying working with Lynn was nice, would be a major understatement!  Lynn made my puppy experience special from the moment I contacted her. Her warmth and kindness are so genuine - when she says you are her family now, she means it!  The love she puts into the entire process is amazing and her attention to detail is unmatched.  She thinks of things that would never cross my mind.  


Not only is she wonderful at making the entire experience enjoyable, but she pairs it with an equal level of professionalism.  This is not just a hobby for her.  She has a well thought out system that will put your mind at ease for the business end of the process.  She sends puppies home with  health guarantees and microchips, and even takes the time to complete the AKC paperwork with you.  


Lynn encourages visits as often as you like with a warm welcoming so you can start to bond wity your puppy even before bringing him/her home. 


As for my puppy - he is perfection!  He is beautiful and has the sweetest temperament.  He is my shadow~I take him everywhere I go and he is so well behaved and has been that way since the day I brought him home.  I can't imagine my life without him.  


If you ever dream of owning a cocker spaniel, then you would be truly blessed and have no regrets working with Lynn at East County American Cocker Spaniels.



January 21, 2016 Litter

I don't know what to say...words can't express The love I have for Joey..She is a beautiful puppy...classic Cocker features...great disposition and I believe that is a reflection of the breeding and environment in which she and the parents were cared for...while many traits are learned many also are inherent..My pup shows that quality of breeding. The special attention you gave to the new owners also was made the experience of new companionship even more fun and thank you for that..and your continued interest in our new family members shows how sincere & genuine your love for the pups, the breed and us is...


Thank you.



I had book marked Lynn's site on my work computer. Whenever I was having a difficult day at work I would visit the site and instantly my day was better. I also looked foreword to the day I could have my own cocker again.  I had previously raised three generations of cockers, and I knew I had to have one of Lynn's. Finally the day came I got to reserve my red little girl.  I picked up Lua in March of 2016.  Lynn helped me with everything from hotel suggestions to directions since I was coming from Arizona.  My nickname for my pup is Lua the Road Dog.  Our first trip was from Lynn's house to Arizona about a 12 hour trip.  Lua was great. Since then we have been to three states and traveled over 30 thousand miles together.  Everywhere is an adventure for Lua she loves seeing and smelling new things.  Lua is a very athletic pup.  She swims and works a retriever decoy in the Colorado River.  If I were an avid hunter Lua would be a great gun dog as loud noises don't bother her.   Lua likes to play in the snow.  Anything involving a ball and Lua is ready.  Lua is also a sweet tempered little puppy.  She loves little girls and little girls love her.  After swimming and playing Lua is a cuddle bug lap dog..  She loves to curl up and watch movies.  Especially if there are dogs in the movie!!  A friend of mine also got a puppy from the same litter.  I know she loves her little Joey.  Lynn has become like a member of our extended family.  Lua could be a show dog.  But for me, she is my Road Dog in life adventures.


December 10, 2015 Litter

Wow!  I really don’t know how to start with anything else except Wow!  From the moment I contacted Lynn to inquire about adopting an American Cocker Spaniel my experience has been absolutely wonderful!  Our first conversation was so pleasing and relaxing that I knew that once we, my 3 girls and I, were able to visit the puppies there would be no way we would leave there without a new family member!
Lynn and her husband Jim are great!  They welcomed us into their home and we were able to visit with two available puppies. We chose Max, formerly known as Gold.  We fell in love with him instantly!  We also got to meet his parents and they were so wonderful and playful and took a liking to all of us immediately, and we to them.   Because Max was just a few weeks old weren’t able to take him home immediately, but Lynn invited us to visit him whenever we wanted!  How great is that!  In fact, we went back and played with ALL the puppies!
I have never owned a dog before so I really didn’t know what to expect from a breeder.  I once called a guy about adopting a dog and that experience left me feeling like it’s all business.   This was not the case with Lynn.  Lynn loves all her dogs.  It shows in how she treats them, how the dogs interact with her and other people, and it shows in how Lynn treats new puppy parents. Lynn made the process of adopting Max a breeze and she made sure I knew everything I needed to know before and after taking Max home.  She is always available if I need advice and I’m convinced there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to ensure the well-being and care of Max and all of her dogs. 
We love Max!  Lynn has made this a great experience for my family.  Lynn, I want to thank you and Jim from the bottom of my heart.  And for anyone interested in adopting an American Cocker Spaniel you need to look no further than Lynn & Jim at East County American Cocker Spaniels.
Thank you!!!

June 23, 2015 Litter

Our thanks to Jim and Lynn Ledbetter for our smooth adoption of Lady Guenevere!  Little Gwennie is a part of our family that was missing.  We all love her SO much. The adoption process was made so special. Our being able to come visit her before she was old enough to go home with us was a great opportunity to get to know her and her us. We got to see her grow and take pictures. The business end was handled without a snag by the very professional Lynn. We took her home with her health record complete with first vaccines and deworming.  The tote with all the goodies, wow, what a great start! We use that tote all the time for her. The wreath of doggie treats is still in use and has been refilled a couple times.  The real treasure was the album of her first pics which we share. It was a true pleasure getting to know Jim and Lynn and we miss our visits! I really can't say enough about what a great experience this has been. Thank you so much for the loving care you gave our Gwennie and all her siblings!



Hi Lynn,

I just wanted to say Charley (previously Merly) is the sweetest and cutest puppy, he has so much personality.  I am so glad I found you as a breeder.  You have beern wonderful!  It shows you truly love what you do that the results are outstanding...all the special touches you do shows that you love ALL the puppies.


Charley is running, jumping and chewing everything in sight (as puppies do).  It seems like he has grown so much in this short time.  Here is a picture....kind of hard to get pictures, he just won't sit still.


Charley will send more pictures later.





Hi Lynn


Joey (Sir Lionel) is doing just fine.  He is truly a handful.  We forgot what it was like to have a baby around.  He loves the lawn in the back yard, running and jumping all over.  He's getting plenty of exercise, that's for sure.


He's been to the vet and everything is great!  It is all from good upbringing that he got from you.  We just love him to pieces.  We would like to thank you for very much for the joy you brought into our lives.



Leonard, Linda and Joey

Hey Lynn,


I just want to give you a little update on Sir Lancelo.  He has adjusted so well!  He loves his mommie and follows me everywhere.  He also adores playing with the boys, they sure wear each othe rout.  Sir Lancelot is so well behaved.  He is pretty much potty trained and is such a good sleep through the night.  He loves to be up on the bed as shown in this picture.  We just lvoe hiim so much and are so thankful you and your husband allowed us to adopt him.  He is such a good boy and a real joy to have around.


Thank you so very much!


Hi Lynn~

Darla is adorable!  She prefers to be with me or Dan.  When we put her in her pen, which is spacious, she cries and howls.  I took her to bed with me last night and she was quiet.  I love the album and her toys.  When I saw her last night she was wearing her pink T-shirt!  She is so lovable.  


Thank you again for all your great care and love for the puppies.  It definitely shows!



June 6, 2014 Litter

August 30, 2014
Hi Lynn! Addie has been a great addition to our family and fit in right away. She loves fetching for her toys and playing with our kitty. She has a wonderful personality. She's playful but very lovable! She's getting the hang of potty training. We have our good days and not so perfect days with that haha. She does however know sit and lay down already so she is very smart! We love her so much and appreciate the love you gave her early on. She's becoming so beautiful!

Hi Lynn,

I’m so sorry for letting time get away from us.  We have been in the middle of getting our son off to college and our “busy season” at work.  We’ve been working at home so we can be with the puppies more. 


The pups are wonderful and fitting into life with the whole family.  They are masters of making snow out of toilet paper and their pads, and fortunately don’t need the pads anymore.  They go outside in the designated areas (for the most part) and tell us when they need to go out.  They are running, chasing, wrestling, boxing and sleeping together.  They learned to sit, stay, down and come (took about 3 seconds each).  They go for walks around the block (the doctor said it was OK).  They are darling and affectionate and so much fun.  We are all so happy to have them here.


Their doctor said their health and specifically their hearts were “perfect”… and he repeated “not just good… they are perfect”.  That was really good to hear.  They will get their third set of shots on Tuesday and then we will start them (us) with puppy classes.


I have meant to thank you for all you have done for us.  Through our phone calls and your pictures and little stories on the website, we have all felt like we have known the pups since before they were born.  We got to see then in their first minutes of life and see how they changed each week. We have all gone over their photo albums that you made for them…over and over.  Because now it is really fun to see their little looks and personality coming through in their early photos.  All the extra work and care that you took has made a huge difference in how connected we feel with the puppies and their parents.  Our “home visit” with the puppies and their parents at 4 weeks and then when we picked them up made such a difference because we know what sweet loving parents they have and we are confident that Teddy and Daisy are going to be just as wonderful when they grow up.


I don’t know how you knew just what to pack in their going away bags.  We used everything and we always had just what we needed.  I just can’t thank you enough, Lynn.  You went the extra thousand miles and made this experience really smooth and wonderful for us.  Thank you!



Ann & Mike 


September 12, 2014

Dear Lynn and Jim,

There are no words to thank you for my little bijou, she is such a golden jewel! Per our recent phone conversations, I am very pleased with Venus Clar – she couldn’t be more wonderful! As each day passes, I become more impressed with her intelligence, sweet temperament and beauty.

Precious and Julius did such a good job with their puppies, they are a great mama and daddy.

Lynn and Jim, I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you did to prepare the puppies for their new homes. You gave your time and extra special care and love to them – and because of this Venus Clar is the most well adjusted puppy I’ve ever had. I’m so grateful to you!

Venus Clar rides quite well in the car. She appears comfortable in all situations. All of the puppies are lucky to have had such a great start in life. I’m sure they are having fun with their new families.

Lynn, the puppy bag is darling! Thank you very, very much for all the goodies. Venus Clar loves her toys that you packed in the bag. Everything came in so handy. The puppy album is such a joy to have – everyone enjoys looking at it!

I feel blessed to have met you both, you are good people!

With best regards and friendship,

Donna S.
Hi Lynn and Jim:
Hansel and Gretel are awesome.  They have been examined and pronouced in excellent health by our Vet.  Rolf takes them for long walks every day, and they are thriving. We can't thank you enough for all you did even before they were born and then after with phone calls, visits, going-away gifts, and lots of love.  It definitely shows in their personalities!
Rolf takes them everywhere with him in the car.  They are so much company.  They have been groomed, and he brushes them everyday.  They have completed their first session of puppy training and were top of the class.  We will do another class after the Holidays for the next step.
Thanks you again for all that you have done to make us so very happy with our Hansel and Gretel.  We are sending you some pictures.
Susan and Rolf

January 2, 2015

Dear Jim & Lynn,


Happy New Year!  Zeus is being such a great doggie!  He is happy, joyful and so very playful~~Thankyou for giving us this joy!  THe children are being so responsible taking care of him.  We love our addition.


Slava & Lex

October 22, 2013 Litter

Sofie came home with us yesterday, December 20, 2013, and fit right in!  She has really put the love and joy back in our lives having a puppy again.  After only one day we decided we should have called her Sassie, instead of Sophie.  She is just so cute and what a personality.

Lynn ,thank you for all the love and care you have given your puppies.  We are looking forward of having years of love and fun with Sophie.
Ron and Sharon 
December 21, 2013
Dear Lynn & Jim,
Oh my Goodness! Max is a delight!! He has learned on the first day where his food and water bowls are and goes in when he is hungry. He goes after his toys (of which there are so many) and he returns them! When I whistle for him he comes immediately!!! He is so smart and such a blessing!!!
On his first night in a crate in our room he whimpered for about 4 minutes and then slept for 7.5 hours!! Amazing!! When he wakes up I take him immediately to his pee pee pad. We are working on that, but, today he did go on the pee pee pad when I brought him and when he began to squat I brought him over for a really good firm bowl movement on the pad!! I believe in no time he will be using it on his own!
He is really a smart, fun, adorable, lovable cuddly bear!!! We took a few little naps together, me with one eye open on him. 
I am going to get that spray bottle like you suggested and soon. When he bites me, (I've got bandaids on both hands) I say no and give him one of his toys. He is getting it I believe, but the spray bottle idea is wonderful!
We are so very happy with him and I will give you reports and photos soon. I am taking the camera and handycam instructions with me to dialysis tonight. I just hope I can be as smart as Max! Maybe I'll ask him...
I hope that everything is going well with all of the other pups and that Precious is okay with their departure. I'm sure they are and she is!
Talk to you soon!!
Trish & Todd

January 22, 2015

Oh Lynn, he (Magic Maximillian) is such an Angel - So smart and sweet and loving!!!  He learned how to "heal" in two days.  You really know how to pick out wonderful parents to make beautiful and smart puppies.  I am so grateful to you!!  Have to get them all together again.  Recognize the picture?  Please thank Jim for me!


December 21, 2013
Hi Lynn & Jim,
Oh my we are having so much fun with Ginger. We can tell you worked with her. She has already poohed and pee'd on her liner. Wow we are so excited. She is following Haley every where.
January 3, 2014
Hi Lynn:
I was finally able to upload the big reveal video!  We opened all our presents and then Carlo went to the store for some "milk"  he was actually picking the boys up from my parents' house.  The kids were so surprised and instantly fell in love!   The dogs are well adjusted and are so happy.  We named Marvel "TJ" in honor of Tucker and Wonder stayed Wonder because we are always "wondering" what he is into!  They both have terrific personalities and are pretty willing to be trained.  We are making some progress on house training too.  They especially like going to soccer practice and now even have their own ball.  They are perfect in everyway and we love playing with and snuggling with them.  
We will continue to send you pictures.  They have grown already. 

Jim & Lynn Ledbetter, Antioch, CA 94509                                    925-757-4447  

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